Our fees

Our hourly rates vary according to projected staff availability and other factors. In particular, our rate structure offers lower prices for more predictable requirements (for example, larger projects, or small projects with a generous timetable or lead time).

For tasks with a well-defined scope, we are happy to commit to a guaranteed fixed price before starting work. If so, our hourly rates are used to calculate the guaranteed fixed price, and we bear the risk of any time overruns.

Where there is significant uncertainty over the scope of the work, we will provide an estimate of time and costs on request, and will not incur fees above the estimate without prior agreement with the client.

We are willing to offer or negotiate bespoke terms (e.g. framework agreements) to meet particular client requirements in relation to procurement regulations and/or price certainty.

We also recognise that providing some services for free is an essential part of our business. We regularly make our expertise available to current and potential clients without charge as a way of demonstrating the value of our approach and expertise.

See our current fee rates.

See also: Our approach

If our advertised rates change during the course of specifying the scope of a future assignment, we will set our prices on the basis of the lowest applicable level of rates.

This means that you are protected against any increase in our rates during these discussions, in particular any increase that might occur in connection with the reduction in expected availability resulting from your request.

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