Ad hoc consultations

Ad hoc consultations with Franck Latrémolière are targeted to the needs of financial market professionals who wish to understand the implications of regulatory issues or competition law cases in the UK or EU.

Franck Latrémolière is an economics consultant with in-depth experience of water, electricity, gas and rail regulation in the UK (regulations enforced by Ofwat, Ofgem, ORR) and some other European countries, and with knowledge of the application of UK and EU competition (antitrust) law, including the State aid rules.

To date, consultations have been mostly used by investment managers and private equity firms looking for a detailed understanding of particular regulation or competition issues faced by companies that they consider investing in, and for background about the relevant history and the operation of UK or EU regulatory structures.

The service is also available to others with similar questions, e.g. analysts or journalists who need an way to ensure that they have a full picture of the background and issues when reporting on regulatory matters.

Service provided through Reckon LLP, a London-based economics consultancy of which Franck Latrémolière is a founding partner. Pricing information below.

E-mail to book a consultation.

More about Franck Latrémolière

Franck Latrémolière is a founding partner of Reckon LLP. He has experience of advising clients on economic regulation and competition law, with a focus on:

Beyond his consultancy work for clients, Franck invests time and effort in maintaining a good understanding of regulatory and legal developments in these areas.

*Franck Latrémolière

Service overview

Subject to availability and conflicts of interest, Franck is available to share his expertise with any interested party.

The service might be of interest to:

Topics which might be discussed include competition law, competition policy and many aspects of economic regulation.

Telephone consultations

If you have a specific question on a regulation or competition issue in the areas outlined above, a telephone consultation with Franck Latrémolière can provide the answer much faster and more cost-effectively than doing your own research.

For example, you might want to understand the process and timetable, the rules to be applied, the possible outcomes, and the factors that might influence the outcome.

You might want to get a view on the likely strengths and weaknesses of technical arguments that have been put forward in provisional decisions or in parties' submissions.

You might want to get a perspective on similar issues that have arisen in the past and the way in which they were resolved.

A typical conversation might take half an hour. The discussion can be as focused on a specific point as you want it to be. Or it can provide you with a broader overview of the applicable regulatory regime if this is what you need.

If Franck is already familiar with the topic then no preparation time will be needed: you only pay for the time on the phone to you. This will be the case, in particular, for regulatory developments and documents that Franck has already noted in one of the news feeds on

How to book

To book a consultation, email

Please specify the question that you need answered, and your preferred times for a consultation.

Subject to availability and conflicts, we will offer you a consultation within a few hours of receipt of your message.

If we cannot help we will say so as soon as possible.

We will respond in any event before 12 noon on the next UK business day.

Other services

Other approaches to knowledge transfer, e.g. briefing notes, ongoing alerts, face-to-face meetings or staff seminars, may be better suited for your needs than a telephone consultation.

Please call Franck Latrémolière on (+44) (0) 20 7841 5858 or e-mail to explore any of these possibilities.


The working language can be English or French, at your option.

Pricing and payment

Services are priced on the basis of Franck's hourly rate. This is available in UK Pounds Sterling, Euro or US Dollars.

The cost will depend on the time spent on the phone and the applicable hourly rate at the time of the consultation. The typical cost range for a consultation is £100-£250 (EUR 150-400, USD 200-500), excluding VAT.

A fixed price covering the entirety of a defined task can be agreed at the outset if desired. In the rare cases where time is charged for preparation ahead of the call, or if you require further advice or written confirmation after the call, then a cap on that amount to be charged will be agreed before starting work on these additional tasks.

Accepted payment methods include credit cards (online via Paypal) and credit invoicing (subject to status).

Regulatory notice

None of the services offered above constitute investment advice.

We provide information and advice on regulation and competition issues. We may be able to discuss how these issues might affect particular securities or investments. We cannot provide any advice on the merits of buying, selling, subscribing for, underwriting or exercising any right in relation to any security or contractually based investment.

For more information

For further information or to arrange a consultation:

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