We take an active interest in UK broadcasting regulation and policy, including the application of competition law and State aid law, "ex ante" competition regulation such as Ofcom's codes on conditional access services and cross promotion, content standards, and the governance and regulation of the BBC.

We have a good understanding of the economics of media markets, especially television broadcasting (free-to-view and pay-TV) and the supply of content through the Internet. We have particular expertise in analysing the potential role of economic regulation and other policy interventions in steering market processes towards meeting consumer needs and delivering other public interest objectives. Our approach to competition analysis is particularly suited to the interacting markets and varied forms of competition found in the media sector.

We can advise on competition and regulatory issues associated with the interoperability of information and communication technologies, including third-party access to digital delivery platforms and mechanisms for the development of standards. We have in-house experience in developing, implementing and maintaining all our IT and web services and can address competition and regulation issues in many areas of technology without the need for a long learning curve.

*Nicholas Francis

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Reckon LLP is an economics consultancy with expertise in data analysis, economic regulation and competition law.