We have knowledge and experience of the mainline railway sector in Great Britain.

We also take an interest in the regulation of the underground and light rail operations, and in the application of competition law in cases involving competition between rail and other modes (e.g. bus or coach).

Main contacts for work on rail

*Nicholas Francis

Overview of our rail work

Our main service areas for the railway industry are:

We have experience of engaging with industry parties at the detailed and operational level. We can procure and manage railway operational or technical advice where necessary.

Competition law in rail

We have experience of competition law enforcement (particularly exclusionary and exploitative abuses under Article 82), merger control and market studies in the railway sector.

*Competition enforcement secondment (2006)

*Rail merger (2006)

*Rolling stock market study (2007)

Railway infrastructure price controls

Our skills in estimating future expenditure requirements for price control purposes apply to the railway sector.

See also: Price controls

See also: Efficiency studies

*Productivity and unit cost analysis for the Office of Rail Regulation (2011)

Access to railway facilities

We are familiar with the main features of track access agreements and with detailed aspects of the ORR model clauses.

Our staff's experience includes:

Further information

The following pages provide information on our services in related areas:

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See also: Exploitative abuse

See also: Economic regulation

See also: Franchising

See also: Price controls

See also: Trading and settlement arrangements

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