Economics advice for competition policy

We provide advice on economics issues for competition policy.

These areas are set out in more detail below.

*Franck Latrémolière

Competition law inquiries

We can advise on inquiries into alleged breaches of competition law or State aid rules. We can work for Government bodies, companies subject to an inquiry, or complainants.

See also: Competition law enforcement

Merger control

We can help companies seeking to merge, or opponents of proposed mergers or joint ventures, to put their case to the relevant regulators.

See also: Economics advice on merger control

Economic regulation and market investigations

We are familiar with economic regulation processes in the UK. We know about the way in which administrative authorities — e.g. the Competition Commission or sector regulators — sometimes become responsible for competition policy decisions, and how they approach these tasks.

See also: UK market investigations

See also: Ex ante regulation to protect competition

Guidance for investors

In all the areas above, we can explain regulation and competition policy issues, processes and prospects to investors in affected companies, and to those considering future investments.

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