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Nicholas Francis is one of Reckon LLP's founding partners. He has worked as an economic consultant since 2000. Much of his professional experience concerns the regulation of companies that do not face effective competition, including the use of price controls and competition law.

Nicholas has a detailed understanding of many aspects of price control regulation, particularly as applied to monopoly utility companies in the UK. He has expertise in the UK and EU competition law on abuse of a dominant position. He also provides analysis on the way in which economic regulation, and publicly-funded services such as the BBC, may affect competition. He has strong capabilities in quantitative and statistical analysis.

Nicholas has managed consultancy projects for both public sector and private sector clients. He has also contributed to a number of economics research projects for the European Commission.

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Examples of professional experience

Nic has provided advice to clients including regulated utility companies, Ofgem, Ofwat, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Competition Commission, the Consumer Council for Water, UKWIR (an association of UK water companies), the Office of Rail Regulation, Ofcom, the BBC and the European Commission.

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*Advice on response to consultations on water industry retail market arrangements (2014-2015)

*Review of methodologies for setting wholesale water tariffs (2014)

*Allocation and recovery of water industry retail market implementation costs (2014)

*Advice to Competition Act 1998 casework on abuse of dominant position (2014)

*Support to electricity transmission planning and regulation project (2013, 2014)

*Regulatory policy development and assessment to tackle electricity theft (2013)

*Indexation of water company retail price controls (2013)

*Catch-up assumptions for water company price control determination (2012)

*A total expenditure approach to water company cost assessment (2012)

*Reforms to water industry access pricing and developer charges (2010-2011)

*Productivity and unit cost trends for gas transmission price controls (2011)

*Productivity and unit cost trends for Network Rail price control (2011)

*Paper on longer-term price controls for GB energy network companies (2011)

*Secondment to RPI-X@20 review and RIIO-T1 transmission price control review (2009-2011)

*Review of draft electricity use of system charging model (2009)

*Cross subsidies and competition in the water industry (2008-2009)

*Analysis and advice on water industry cost and productivity trends (2008)

*Development of time series models for water industry cost assessment (2007-2008)

*Market impact analysis for BBC HD television channel (2007)

*Review of efficiency methods for water company price control reviews (2006-2007)

*Secondment to provide economics input to EWS competition law case (2005-2006)

*Advice on exploitative abuses under UK and EC competition law (2005)

*The market impact of the BBC's digital-only television and radio services (2004)

*Competition law risks relating to distribution arrangements (2004)

*Economic framework for structure of charges for use of rail infrastructure (2004)

*Review of price control algebra (2003-2004)

*Economic adviser to Graf review of the BBC's publicly funded website (2003)

*Broadcasting market definition and ex ante regulation (2003)

*Research project on analytical tools for assessing market dynamics (2003)

*Analysis of the scope for efficiency improvements by water companies (2002-2003)

*Review of LRAIC models for fixed-line telecommunications network (2002)

*Market definition in the media sector (2002)

*Support with submissions to the South African Competition Tribunal (2002)

*Cost structures in mobile networks and their relationship to prices (2002)

*Development of compensation algorithms for loss of track access rights (2001)

*Competition assessment of passenger rolling stock markets (2001)

*Top-down analysis of the scope for efficiency improvements by Transco (2000-2001)

*Competition in the supply of branded medicines to the NHS (2000-2001)

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