Shankar Rajagopalan (Partner)

[Shankar Rajagopalan]

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Shankar is an experienced regulatory economist and partner at Reckon LLP. He has over 10 years of experience in advising clients on a wide range of matters including charging and other commercial arrangements, price controls, competition, regulatory policy development and impact assessments. He has managed a number of consultancy assignments for UK economic regulators, regulated companies and other industry bodies.

His recent experience in the UK energy and water sectors includes the development of network charging methodologies, advice on cost of capital and financeability, assessment of competition in the market for new network connections, impact analysis of market reform in the water and sewerage industry and the development of regulatory policy and incentive arrangements to tackle electricity theft.

Shankar has experience in explaining complex technical issues to stakeholders. He has delivered training sessions for industry professionals, spoken at industry and customer workshops and led public consultations on behalf of clients.

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