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Article 81 prohibits agreements and concerted practices that restrict competition.

The same prohibition exists in the EEA agreement and in many national laws, including the Competition Act 1998 in the UK.

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Tue 18 Nov 2008DG Competition decision against music collecting societies
Mon 10 Nov 2008Bookmakers v Turf TV [2008] EWHC 2688 (Ch)
Wed 22 Oct 2008OFT guidance on magazine and newspaper distribution
Thu 16 Oct 2008Devenish v vitamin cartellists [2008] EWCA Civ 1086
Fri 08 Aug 2008SIS/Bookmakers v Turf TV [2008] EWHC 1978 (Ch)
Wed 23 Jul 2008Draft OFT guidance on competition tests for bus services
Thu 03 Apr 2008European proposals on competition law damages
Wed 12 Mar 2008GG plc & Ors, R v (generic drugs cartel) [2008] UKHL 17
Wed 12 Mar 2008Norris v United States of America [2008] UKHL 16
Fri 29 Feb 2008OFT rewards for snitching on cartels
Fri 18 Jan 2008Hutchison 3G UK v O2 and others [2008] EWHC 50 (Comm)
Wed 16 Jan 2008Dawn raids for pharmaceutical sector inquiry
Sun 13 Jan 2008Which? and JJB settle football shirt cartel claim
Mon 05 Nov 2007Devenish etc. v Vitamin cartellists [2007] EWHC 2394 (Ch)
Thu 13 Sep 2007Abuse of dominant position by Port du Havre
Wed 15 Aug 2007Crehan v Inntrepreneur [2007] EWHC 90081 (Costs)
Wed 01 Aug 2007BA agrees to OFT decision on transatlantic fuel surcharges
Thu 26 Jul 2007Cartel of French suppliers of electricity cables
Wed 25 Jul 2007Conseil de la concurrence opinion on football rights
Fri 13 Jul 2007IMS / Red Bee Media dispute moves to CAT
Tue 03 Jul 2007AstraZeneca delays new UK distribution arrangements
Thu 31 May 2007Ofcom finds no predation by Red Bee Media
Mon 12 Mar 2007Consumer Association football shirt damages claim filed
Wed 14 Feb 2007Cartel dawn raid on manufacturers of power transformers
Mon 12 Feb 2007Compensation claim on behalf of football shirt consumers
Thu 25 Jan 2007Norris v United States of America [2007] EWHC 71 (Admin)
Wed 24 Jan 2007Gas insulated switchgear cartel according to DG Competition
Thu 14 Dec 2006Casting Book v Office of Fair Trading [2006] CAT 35
Thu 30 Nov 2006OFT439 guideline: Public transport ticketing schemes
Thu 19 Oct 2006Argos, Littlewoods and JJB v OFT [2006] EWCA Civ 1318
Wed 19 Jul 2006Wootton Trucks v Man ERF [2006] EWCA Civ 1042
Wed 19 Jul 2006Inntrepreneur v Crehan [2006] UKHL 38
Fri 07 Jul 2006No abuse by French cinema advertising agents
Fri 09 Jun 2006Ineos v Huntsman Petrochemicals [2006] EWHC 1241 (Ch)
Thu 01 Jun 2006OFT draft opinion on newspaper and magazine distribution
Mon 08 May 2006Draft guidelines: public transport ticketing block exemption
Wed 22 Mar 2006European Commission accepts FAPL commitments
Fri 25 Nov 2005Arkin v Borchard Lines Ltd & Ors [2005] EWCA Civ 655
Tue 01 Nov 2005Widening of public transport ticketing block exemption
Thu 29 Sep 2005Practice direction for competition law claims in UK courts
Wed 17 Aug 2005Consultation on collecting societies' Santiago agreements
Fri 01 Apr 2005Proposed changes to the Public Transport Ticketing Schemes Block Exemption
Tue 25 Jan 2005OFT419 guideline: Vertical agreements
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT415 guideline: Assessment of market power
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT401 guideline: Agreements and concerted practices
Fri 21 May 2004Crehan v Courage [2004] EWCA 637
Tue 16 Dec 2003Arkin v Borchard Lines No 3 [2003] EWHC 3088 (Comm)
Thu 27 Nov 2003Arkin v Borchard Lines [2003] EWHC 2844 (Comm)
Thu 10 Apr 2003Arkin v Borchard Line & Ors [2003] EWHC 687 (Comm)
Fri 22 Nov 2002Unipart v O2 and another [2002] EWHC
Fri 23 Aug 2002OFT439 guideline: Public transport ticketing (deprecated)
Fri 14 Jun 2002Intel v Via Technologies and another [2002] EWHC 1159 (Ch)
Tue 08 May 2001Prohibition of GSK dual pricing in Spain (2001)
Fri 30 Mar 2001Synstar Computer Services v ICL (Sorbus) [2001] EWHC (Ch)
Thu 16 Nov 2000Whitbread plc v Falla [2000] EWHC (Ch)
Wed 08 Jul 1998Passmore v Morland and Inntrepreneur [1998] EWHC Ch 312
Wed 30 Jul 1997Greenalls Management Ltd v Canavan [1997] EWCA Civ 2240

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