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Article 87 regulates financial assistance (including tax breaks) given by EU States to businesses.

The same prohibition exists in the EEA agreement.

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Fri 28 Nov 2008Consultation on State aid to support lending to businesses
Thu 27 Nov 2008UK Government abandons Channel 4 switchover aid plan
Tue 25 Nov 2008Lords committee report on renewable energy
Tue 04 Nov 2008Consultation on revised guidelines for broadcasting State aid
Wed 29 Oct 2008State aid clearance of UK bank support measures
Fri 24 Oct 2008State aid clearance of Republic of Ireland bank guarantees
Wed 22 Oct 2008TV2 and others v Commission [2008] EUECJ T-309/04
Mon 13 Oct 2008European Commission guidance on bank aid schemes
Mon 13 Oct 2008State-backed UK bank recapitalisations and guarantees
Wed 08 Oct 2008More special State financing for UK banks
Fri 03 Oct 2008New Ofgem proposals to replace the renewables obligation
Fri 19 Sep 2008Scottish proposals for banding renewable energy subsidies
Fri 12 Sep 2008Clearance of State aid to reduce adverts on French State TV
Wed 03 Sep 2008Prohibition of State aid for digital TV in Germany
Wed 13 Aug 2008DG Competition guide to State aid rules
Tue 05 Aug 2008Cost of the renewables obligations in 2007/2008
Wed 16 Jul 2008Ofgem opposes pro-renewables discrimination (CAP148)
Fri 27 Jun 2008Consultation on details of renewables obligation banding
Thu 26 Jun 2008Consultation on UK policy towards renewable energy
Wed 04 Jun 2008EC consultation on digital switchover State aid for Channel 4
Tue 03 Jun 2008EC consultation on State aid for Northern Rock
Fri 30 May 2008Clearance of broadcasting State aid in Belgium
Fri 30 May 2008TF1 v Commission [2008] EUECJ T-144/04
Tue 27 May 2008CEER position on subsidies for renewable generation
Thu 17 Apr 2008European Commission to consult on Scottish ferry State aid
Fri 11 Apr 2008Banding of the renewables obligation in Scotland
Wed 02 Apr 2008European Commission to consult on aid to Channel 4
Wed 02 Apr 2008European Commission to consult on Northern Rock State aid
Wed 05 Mar 2008Renewables obligation schemes in 2006/2007
Wed 27 Feb 2008BBC Jam confirmed dead
Tue 12 Feb 2008BUPA v Commission [2008] EUECJ T-289/03
Tue 12 Feb 2008CELF v Commission [2008] EUECJ C-199/06
Thu 24 Jan 2008AG opinion on Dutch electricity generation stranded costs
Wed 23 Jan 2008Commission guidelines on environmental State aid
Tue 15 Jan 2008Consultation on financing of Paris Metro pensions
Tue 15 Jan 2008Reckon: Analysis of renewables obligation grandfathering
Thu 10 Jan 2008Update on banding of the renewables obligation
Mon 17 Dec 2007Varney report on tax policy in Northern Ireland
Mon 29 Oct 2007UK Government guidance for state aid practitioners
Mon 17 Sep 2007Consultation on Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann State aid
Thu 13 Sep 2007Ofgem continues to object to the renewables obligation
Fri 10 Aug 2007Cost of the renewables obligations in 2006/2007
Wed 18 Jul 2007EC State aid investigation into Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann
Wed 18 Jul 2007EC consultation on State aid in French electricity tariffs
Fri 13 Jul 2007Asklepios Kliniken v Commission [2007] EUECJ T-167/04
Wed 13 Jun 2007EC State aid inquiry into French electricity tariffs
Wed 23 May 2007DTI consultation on changes to the renewables obligation
Thu 03 May 2007State aid compatibility of VAT refunds to local authorities
Fri 27 Apr 2007BBC Trust approval of funding for Freesat
Tue 24 Apr 2007Consultation on proposed State aid block exemption
Fri 20 Apr 2007Scottish wave and tidal renewables obligations cleared
Wed 14 Mar 2007BBC Trust suspends BBC Jam on market impact grounds
Fri 09 Mar 2007Derry City Council v Information Commissioner
Tue 27 Feb 2007Do Spanish regulated electricity tariffs contain State aid?
Thu 15 Feb 2007Clearance of Iberdrola/Scottish Power, with a sting in the tail
Thu 15 Feb 2007Ofcom/DTI guidance on (against) municipal broadband
Tue 06 Feb 2007NAO report on Government funding of Dr Foster
Wed 24 Jan 2007OFT guidance on public subsidies
Mon 22 Jan 2007Ofgem's proposal to replace the renewables obligation
Wed 27 Dec 2006La chaîne française d'information internationale France 24
Fri 01 Dec 2006GNER shops for another forum for its State aid complaint
Fri 24 Nov 2006Guide to rail freight grants in Great Britain
Wed 22 Nov 2006Rules for State aid for research, development and innovation
Wed 01 Nov 2006Barriers and incentives to distributed generation/CHP
Tue 31 Oct 2006Updated cost of the renewables obligation 2005/2006
Fri 13 Oct 2006State aid approval for new rail freight grant system
Wed 11 Oct 2006Franck: Renewable cat out of bag
Mon 09 Oct 2006Reform of aid to UK renewable electricity generation
Thu 21 Sep 2006Revised Commission proposal for de minimis State aid
Wed 20 Sep 2006Proposed new subsidies for Scottish wave and tidal power
Fri 15 Sep 2006British Aggregates v Commission [2006] EUECJ T-210/02
Fri 15 Sep 2006Draft guidance on State aid for research and development
Tue 12 Sep 2006Cost of the 2005/2006 renewables obligation
Thu 07 Sep 2006Azores: regional tax rates and EC State aid rules
Tue 22 Aug 2006Government funding for smart metering pilot schemes
Thu 27 Jul 2006R (GNER) v ORR [2006] EWHC 1942 (Admin)
Fri 23 Jun 2006Faster rises for trade effluent charges in Scotland
Thu 22 Jun 2006Dutch public service broadcaster ordered to pay back State aid
Thu 22 Jun 2006Electricity prices for energy intensive industries in Sardinia
Tue 30 May 2006UK competition assessment for public subsidies
Fri 12 May 2006Proposed extra subsidies for Scottish wave and tidal power
Fri 07 Apr 2006Application of EC State aid law by national courts
Fri 31 Mar 2006Licence condition for one-year transmission price control
Fri 24 Mar 2006Partial authorisation of State aid to TV2/Danmark
Thu 09 Mar 2006Proposed renewal of de minimis State aid regulation
Tue 28 Feb 2006National Grid transmission price control licence condition
Thu 26 Jan 2006The OFT's approach to assessing State subsidies
Wed 04 Jan 2006Draft licence conditions for NGET 2006/2007 price control
Tue 29 Nov 2005Formal Commission decision on aid to public services
Wed 23 Nov 2005Details of the OFT's bid to advise DG Competition on State aid
Wed 09 Nov 2005Reckon: State aid law and the BBC Charter review
Tue 01 Nov 2005Central government funding for local bus services
Fri 28 Oct 2005Funding of transmission investment for renewable generation
Wed 12 Oct 2005OFT response to EC State aid action plan
Tue 11 Oct 2005European Commission slow to investigate ferry State aids?
Mon 10 Oct 2005State aid approval for French news channel CFII
Fri 16 Sep 2005Why the French television licence fee is compatible State aid
Thu 11 Aug 2005Reckon: Unfair competition? Guide to competition complaints
Fri 22 Jul 2005Ofcom opens case on BBC Broadcast under Competition Act
Wed 20 Jul 2005Revised proposal on State aid to local bus and rail services
Thu 09 Jun 2005State aid for Northern Irish Language Broadcast Fund
Fri 13 May 2005Franck: Andreas Bartosch lecture on State aid
Fri 11 Mar 2005State aid clearance for Renewables Obligation Order 2005
Fri 11 Feb 2005NAO report on support for renewable energy
Thu 15 Nov 2001Guidelines on State aid to public service broadcasting
Tue 13 Mar 2001PreussenElektra AG v Schhleswag AG [2001] EUECJ C-379/98

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