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Fri 21 Nov 2008BBC Trust consultation on the BBC's local video proposals
Fri 21 Nov 2008Ofcom's market impact assessment for BBC local video
Wed 06 Aug 2008BBC Trust decision on release of BBC Jam content
Fri 25 Jul 2008BBC Trust consultation on 3G mobile TV syndication
Mon 14 Jul 2008OFT's grounds for Project Kangaroo merger reference
Mon 30 Jun 2008Kangaroo goes to the Competition Commission
Tue 24 Jun 2008Market impact assessment of BBC local online video
Thu 29 May 2008BBC Trust review of
Tue 04 Mar 2008BBC Trust work plan 2008/2009
Wed 27 Feb 2008BBC Jam confirmed dead
Wed 31 Oct 2007BBC Trust consultation on the BBC complaints system
Tue 25 Sep 2007BBC Trust provisionally approves HDTV channel
Tue 18 Sep 2007Ofcom market impact assessment of the BBC's HDTV proposals
Thu 26 Jul 2007BBC Trust consultation on websites
Fri 13 Jul 2007IMS / Red Bee Media dispute moves to CAT
Fri 29 Jun 2007New BBC fair trading guidelines
Tue 26 Jun 2007Terms and conditions of BBC licence fee settlement
Thu 31 May 2007Ofcom finds no predation by Red Bee Media
Tue 22 May 2007BBC Trust starts public value test for proposed HD TV channel
Mon 30 Apr 2007BBC Trust consultation on on-demand syndication
Mon 30 Apr 2007BBC Trust approval of on-demand services (iPlayer)
Fri 27 Apr 2007BBC Trust approval of funding for Freesat
Thu 26 Apr 2007Timing of public value test for BBC HD channel
Wed 14 Mar 2007BBC Trust suspends BBC Jam on market impact grounds
Thu 08 Mar 2007BBC Trust / Ofcom: Memorandum of Understanding
Tue 27 Feb 2007BBC Trust consultation on Freesat proposal
Tue 20 Feb 2007BBC Trust consultation on fair trading and competitive impact
Wed 31 Jan 2007BBC Trust consultation on BBC iPlayer/on-demand proposals
Tue 23 Jan 2007Ofcom market impact assessment for BBC iPlayer
Thu 18 Jan 2007DCMS statement on BBC licence fee for 2007-2013
Tue 16 Jan 2007BBC Trust consultation on the contents of service licences
Tue 19 Sep 2006BBC Royal Charter and Agreement 2007-2016
Mon 18 Sep 2006Ofcom consultation on market impact of BBC iPlayer
Fri 01 Sep 2006BBC Governors announce public value test for BBC iPlayer
Thu 06 Jul 2006Further revisions to draft BBC Royal Charter and agreement
Mon 05 Jun 2006Revised drafts of the BBC Royal Charter and Agreement
Tue 09 May 2006DCMS response to supplementary Lords report on BBC Charter
Tue 09 May 2006Ofcom conclusions on cross-promotion rules
Wed 26 Apr 2006PKF report on the future funding needs of the BBC
Wed 15 Mar 2006BBC Charter 2007-2016: regulatory impact assessment
Tue 14 Mar 2006Government White Paper on BBC Charter 2007-2016
Fri 03 Mar 2006Supplementary Lords comments on BBC Charter review
Tue 31 Jan 2006BBC Charter: Government response to Lords committee
Tue 20 Dec 2005Update on BBC Governors' radio archive consultation
Fri 16 Dec 2005New enforcement regime for BBC fair trading commitment
Thu 15 Dec 2005Ofcom extends scope of BBC Broadcast competition case
Wed 14 Dec 2005Ofcom draft annual plan for 2006/2007
Tue 06 Dec 2005Proposed changes to Ofcom's rules on cross-promotion
Wed 09 Nov 2005Reckon: State aid law and the BBC Charter review
Tue 01 Nov 2005Lords select committee report on BBC Charter review
Thu 27 Oct 2005Ofcom proposal to allow pay TV on DTT multiplexes B, C and D
Tue 25 Oct 2005Consultation paper on BBC Governors' public value test
Thu 20 Oct 2005Ofcom closes FA Cup radio rights competition case
Wed 19 Oct 2005Ofcom consultation on commercial radio regulation (phase 2)
Tue 11 Oct 2005BBC proposals for 2007/2008 to 2013/2014 licence fee
Mon 03 Oct 2005BBC Governors Radio Archive Consultation
Fri 22 Jul 2005Ofcom opens case on BBC Broadcast under Competition Act
Wed 08 Jun 2005Ofcom response to BBC Charter Green Paper
Tue 24 May 2005BBC responds to Charter review Green Paper
Wed 02 Mar 2005Green Paper on BBC Charter Renewal
Tue 08 Feb 2005Ofcom review of public service television broadcasting: phase 3 report
Thu 03 Feb 2005Public Accounts Committee: BBC Freeview report
Fri 28 Jan 2005Independent panel's final report on BBC Charter
Wed 19 Jan 2005Ofcom to investigate joint selling of FA Cup radio rights
Mon 18 Oct 2004Review of BBC digital TV services
Wed 13 Oct 2004Market impact of new BBC digital TV and radio services

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