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BETTA stands for British electricity trading and transmission arrangements. It combines an extension to Scotland of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) with the connection and use of system code (CUSC), a GB-wide transmission charging policy, a system operator transmission owner code (STC) and a GB-wide grid code.

The Balancing and Settlement Code implements NETA, the new electricity trading arrangements which replaced the Electricity Pool of England and Wales in 2001.

See also Reckon's services on trading and settlement arrangements.

The following items have been filed under BETTA.

Fri 17 Oct 2008Ofgem endorses real-time tagging for cash-out (P217A)
Thu 19 Jun 2008Draft recommendation for P217 (real-time tagging)
Thu 12 Jun 2008ELEXON report on distribution losses (issue 34)
Mon 17 Mar 2008Review of electricity and gas code governance
Fri 29 Feb 2008Ofgem kills P212 (market-based settlement prices)
Fri 29 Feb 2008Ofgem seems to like real-time tagging (P217)
Fri 01 Feb 2008Provision of EAC and AA data to Distributors (P222)
Sat 19 Jan 2008BSC Panel report on P219 (demand forecasting)
Thu 17 Jan 2008BSC Panel proposal for generators' credit cover (P215)
Thu 17 Jan 2008ELEXON consultation on P215 credit cover requirements
Mon 07 Jan 2008Consultation on additional BMRS data (P220)
Thu 20 Dec 2007Ofgem consultation on electricity cash out proposals
Thu 20 Dec 2007ELEXON consultation on P217 (real-time tagging)
Mon 17 Dec 2007BSC Panel confirms opposition to P212 (market prices)
Wed 12 Dec 2007ELEXON paper on settlement following black start (issue 32)
Thu 29 Nov 2007Supply of metering data to distribution networks (issue 31)
Tue 27 Nov 2007Industry consultation on P219 (demand forecasting)
Thu 15 Nov 2007Cash out pricing turned into ELEXON "Issue 30"
Mon 05 Nov 2007Consultation on change to generator credit cover (P215)
Fri 26 Oct 2007New market information data items (P220)
Thu 25 Oct 2007Facilitating microgeneration within the BSC (P218)
Mon 22 Oct 2007BSC Panel confirms opposition to P211 (EPUS)
Mon 22 Oct 2007Tagging method for calculation of cash out prices (P217)
Thu 04 Oct 2007Panel proposes to reject market-based imbalance pricing
Tue 18 Sep 2007Panel proposes to reject EPUS imbalance pricing
Fri 14 Sep 2007Delay to decision on GB electricity transmission losses
Thu 16 Aug 2007ELEXON consultations on electricity cash out review
Mon 30 Jul 2007Proposal for ELEXON audit of distribution loss factors (P216)
Sat 28 Jul 2007Revised credit cover methodology for generators (P215)
Tue 24 Jul 2007Consultation on BSC credit assessment price
Tue 03 Jul 2007Proposed changes to funds administration processes (P214)
Tue 26 Jun 2007Ofgem favours P203 (average zonal transmission losses)
Mon 04 Jun 2007Franck: Electricity cash out: how we got here
Fri 27 Apr 2007Optional single MPAN for microgeneration (P213)
Fri 27 Apr 2007Electricity cash out review: market price proposal (P212)
Mon 16 Apr 2007Electricity cash out review: EPUS proposal (P211)
Wed 04 Apr 2007Ofgem's electricity cash out review workshop
Thu 22 Mar 2007Issues papers for Ofgem's electricity cash out review
Fri 23 Feb 2007Ofgem consultation on locational transmission losses
Wed 24 Jan 2007ELEXON consultation on Credit Assessment Price (CAP)
Thu 11 Jan 2007Locational losses: Ofgem seeks details of cost-benefit analysis
Mon 20 Nov 2006Timing of Ofgem decision on locational transmission losses
Thu 16 Nov 2006Locational losses: majority opposed to P204 too
Fri 20 Oct 2006P205 approved (back towards a more average cash out)
Mon 02 Oct 2006Preliminary views on GB system operator costs 2007/2008
Tue 26 Sep 2006Electricity majority still opposed to locational loss factors
Mon 25 Sep 2006National Grid cost pass-through request partially allowed
Thu 07 Sep 2006Rejection of tolerance bands in electricity settlement
Thu 10 Aug 2006Recognition of owner/operator split on Moyle interconnector
Fri 04 Aug 2006Possible ex post adjustment to system operator price control
Thu 03 Aug 2006Publication of vote numbers in BSC Panel elections (P206)
Thu 03 Aug 2006Rejection of P199 (quantification of demand control)
Tue 18 Jul 2006Consultation on seasonal locational losses (P203)
Wed 12 Jul 2006Consultation on imbalance tolerance bands (P201/P202)
Wed 05 Jul 2006Possible GBSO income adjusting events for 2005/2006
Wed 05 Jul 2006Further proposal to reduce the effect of P194 (P205)
Fri 30 Jun 2006Consultations on zonal transmission loss factors
Tue 27 Jun 2006Yet another zonal transmission losses proposal (P203)
Tue 27 Jun 2006A fourth zonal transmission losses proposal (P204)
Wed 07 Jun 2006Another energy imbalance tolerance band proposal (P202)
Fri 26 May 2006Proposed electricity imbalance tolerance band (P201)
Fri 26 May 2006Ofgem to conduct an impact assessment of P198
Fri 12 May 2006P194 energy code appeal abandoned
Wed 10 May 2006Suggestions for electricity transmission user commitments
Mon 24 Apr 2006Proposed hedge against locational loss factors (P200)
Wed 19 Apr 2006First appeal against an Ofgem energy code decision
Thu 13 Apr 2006Scottish transmission networks charges (to National Grid)
Wed 29 Mar 2006National Grid rejects Ofgem's balancing charges proposals
Thu 23 Mar 2006Ofgem confirms move towards marginal cost settlement
Thu 09 Mar 2006Electricity transmission access rights straw-men developers
Tue 28 Feb 2006Electricity transmission system operator incentive schemes
Tue 28 Feb 2006National Grid transmission price control licence condition
Tue 28 Feb 2006Use of BETTA rebate to Northern Ireland interconnector
Tue 28 Feb 2006Possible reform of GB electricity transmission access rights
Mon 30 Jan 2006Quantification of volume effect of demand control (P199)
Thu 26 Jan 2006Electricity trading: move back towards marginal cost pricing?
Wed 04 Jan 2006Draft licence conditions for NGET 2006/2007 price control
Fri 30 Dec 2005Consultation on system operator 2006/2007 forecast costs
Fri 16 Dec 2005Proposal for locational transmission losses (P198)
Mon 14 Nov 2005Ofgem veto of National Grid transmission charges proposal
Mon 31 Oct 2005Grounds for veto of transmission charges proposal
Mon 31 Oct 2005Consultation on Scotland-England interconnector upgrade
Fri 28 Oct 2005ScottishPower fails in judicial review of transmission charges
Tue 25 Oct 2005More delay in making transmission offers
Fri 14 Oct 2005Proposed changes to transmission charging structure
Wed 14 Sep 2005Litigation on transmission charges for northern generators
Wed 27 Jul 2005Transmission charges in Shetland, Orkney and Western Isles
Tue 12 Jul 2005Rules for electricity and gas code modification appeals
Fri 08 Apr 2005Costs of compensation for temporary physical disconnection
Mon 21 Mar 2005Licence amendments for BETTA
Wed 09 Mar 2005Electricity transmission structure of charges approved
Tue 01 Mar 2005NGC system operator incentive scheme
Tue 01 Mar 2005GB-wide electricity transmission charges
Wed 23 Feb 2005Interim BETTA transmission price controls: statutory licence consultation etc
Tue 22 Feb 2005BETTA: conclusions on embedded exemptable large power stations
Tue 15 Feb 2005BETTA: licence modifications
Tue 08 Feb 2005Delay in issuing transmission connection offers
Fri 04 Feb 2005Ofgem's BETTA user guide
Wed 02 Feb 2005Structure of transmission charges: Ofgem analysis
Tue 01 Feb 2005BETTA: interconnector capacity statements
Tue 01 Feb 2005BETTA: offers for connection to the Scottish transmission systems
Fri 28 Jan 2005BETTA: extension of time periods for transmission access offers
Tue 25 Jan 2005BETTA: treatment of "embedded exemptable large power stations"
Wed 19 Jan 2005BETTA: STC drafting
Tue 18 Jan 2005Modification to OC2 of Grid Code
Tue 18 Jan 2005BETTA: STC drafting
Tue 18 Jan 2005Recovery of Scottish Settlements run-off costs
Mon 17 Jan 2005Ofgem minded to approve Grid Code changes
Fri 31 Dec 2004Transmission charges and BETTA: final proposals

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