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Thu 27 May 2010CAA price control proposals for NATS (en route) plc (NERL)
Tue 04 Nov 2008Competition Commission report on Stansted Airport charges
Tue 05 Aug 2008CAA response to review of airport economic regulation
Fri 23 May 2008CAA response to Competition Commission emerging thinking
Thu 22 May 2008Judicial review claim against CAA airport charges decision
Tue 29 Apr 2008Stansted price control reference to Competition Commission
Mon 17 Mar 2008CAA submission to the CC market investigation
Sun 16 Mar 2008Franck: Arithmetic and geometric mean returns
Tue 11 Mar 2008CAA decision on Heathrow and Gatwick price controls
Tue 12 Feb 2008CAA reacts to criticism of light-touch options for Stansted
Fri 25 Jan 2008CAA consultation on Stansted airport price control
Fri 18 Jan 2008CAA update on Heathrow and Gatwick price controls
Tue 11 Dec 2007CAA proposals on service quality standards
Tue 20 Nov 2007CAA proposals on BAA Heathrow and Gatwick price controls
Wed 03 Oct 2007CC report on BAA airport price controls
Fri 25 May 2007CAA update on BAA airports public interest conditions
Fri 30 Mar 2007CAA reference of BAA to the CC
Wed 20 Dec 2006The CAA's use of section 41 of the Airports Act 1986
Thu 14 Dec 2006Lords committee call for evidence on regulators
Tue 05 Dec 2006CAA consultation on airport price controls
Fri 27 Oct 2006Prevention of unfair conduct by BAA London airports
Fri 21 Jul 2006Timetable for BAA London airport price control reviews
Thu 06 Apr 2006Application of competition law to air traffic services
Tue 20 Dec 2005Review of airport price controls
Sat 17 Dec 2005Regulation of anti-competitive conduct by airports
Thu 13 Feb 2003Smithers & Co report on cost of capital (2003)

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