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The Competition Commission conducts inquiries under the Enterprise Act 2002 and some privatisation and regulation statutes, and determines energy code appeals under the Energy Act 2004. Inquiries may relate to mergers, market investigations, regulatory licence modifications (including utility price controls) and some other regulatory determinations (e.g. railway track access charges price controls).

The Competition Commission and its immediate predecessor, the Monopolies and Mergers Commission, previously conducted inquiries under the Fair Trading Act 1973. The Monopolies and Mergers Commission succeeded the Monopolies Commission, which succeeded the Monopolies and Restrictive Practices Commission.

The Competition Commission's official website is at It contains the full text of published reports produced by the Commission and its predecessors since 1950.

The following items have been filed under Competition Commission.

Wed 26 Nov 2008Competition Commission guidelines on merger remedies
Tue 04 Nov 2008Competition Commission report on Stansted Airport charges
Fri 24 Oct 2008Competition Commission delays report on BOC / Ineos Chlor
Mon 29 Sep 2008Sky v Government and Virgin (ITV stake) [2008] CAT 25
Thu 18 Sep 2008Government clarification on HBOS/Lloyds TSB merger control
Wed 17 Sep 2008Suspension of independence of UK competition authorities?
Tue 16 Sep 2008CC proposes to prohibit BOC/Ineos Chlor
Wed 20 Aug 2008Provisional findings on BAA break-up and regulation
Thu 07 Aug 2008Rolling stock leasing: possible remedies and advice to DfT
Fri 11 Jul 2008Competition Commission report and accounts for 2007/2008
Tue 01 Jul 2008BOC / Ineos Chlor: initial scope of inquiry
Wed 25 Jun 2008Proposals for UK broadcast transmission regulator
Fri 30 May 2008Competition Commission issues for Stansted price control
Fri 30 May 2008Competition Commission merger inquiry: BOC / Ineos Chlor
Tue 29 Apr 2008Stansted price control reference to Competition Commission
Tue 22 Apr 2008BAA break-up inquiry: interim report and consultation
Mon 21 Apr 2008OFT/CC joint review of substantive merger guidelines
Mon 14 Apr 2008Review of First/SBH bus undertakings complete
Fri 04 Apr 2008Competition Commission plans for 2008/2009
Tue 11 Mar 2008Competition Commission report on UK broadcast monopoly
Wed 27 Feb 2008BSkyB appeal against report on ITV shareholding
Wed 27 Feb 2008Virgin Media appeal against report on ITV shareholding
Wed 20 Feb 2008CC proposals for First bus price controls in Scotland
Tue 12 Feb 2008Competition Commission review of UK merger guidelines
Thu 20 Dec 2007Competition Commission report on BSkyB / ITV
Wed 19 Dec 2007CC working papers on rolling stock leasing
Fri 30 Nov 2007Possible remedies for Macquarie/National Grid Wireless
Thu 29 Nov 2007Price remedies for Mid Kent / South East Water merger
Fri 16 Nov 2007CC proposes to retain First Glasgow/Edinburgh price controls
Tue 06 Nov 2007Draft price remedies for Mid Kent / South East Water merger
Thu 04 Oct 2007Provisional findings from Sky/ITV inquiry
Wed 03 Oct 2007CC report on BAA airport price controls
Fri 17 Aug 2007Issues for passenger rail rolling stock market investigation
Thu 09 Aug 2007Competition Commission issues for BAA inquiry
Wed 01 Aug 2007Order on costs for CC energy code appeal
Mon 23 Jul 2007Competition Commission assessment of its impact
Fri 13 Jul 2007Competition Commission annual report 2006/2007
Fri 13 Jul 2007Issues for Heathrow and Gatwick airport price controls
Tue 10 Jul 2007Ofgem gas exit regime decision quashed
Mon 09 Jul 2007Competition Commission Sky/ITV issues statement
Tue 03 Jul 2007Competition Commission delays gas code decision
Mon 04 Jun 2007Progress with E.ON's gas exit regime appeal
Thu 24 May 2007Pre-registration encouraged for CC public hearings
Thu 24 May 2007Reference of Sky/ITV to the Competition Commission
Thu 17 May 2007Competition Commission approach to rail and bus mergers
Mon 14 May 2007E.ON v Ofgem: case management conference scheduled
Thu 10 May 2007Competition Commission confirms Scottish Citylink divestment
Tue 01 May 2007Competition Commission clears Mid Kent / South East Water
Thu 26 Apr 2007Grounds for reference of rolling stock leasing
Thu 05 Apr 2007Competition Commission corporate plan for 2007/2008
Thu 08 Mar 2007Provisional findings on MKT/MSE water merger
Mon 05 Feb 2007New price controls for First bus services in Scotland
Wed 31 Jan 2007Draft Stagecoach/Scottish Citylink divestment undertakings
Tue 23 Jan 2007London music venues merger blocked
Thu 21 Dec 2006Proposal to vary First bus fare controls in Scotland
Thu 21 Dec 2006Competition Commission final report on Yell
Wed 20 Dec 2006Issues for South East Water/Mid Kent Water merger inquiry
Thu 14 Dec 2006Lords committee call for evidence on regulators
Thu 16 Nov 2006Merger reference for Mid Kent Water / South East Water
Mon 23 Oct 2006Divestment requirements for Stagecoach/Citylink merger
Wed 04 Oct 2006Merger of London music venues: competition issues
Mon 18 Sep 2006OFT grounds for referring merger of London music venues
Tue 12 Sep 2006EWS to sell part of Marcroft's in-field maintenance business
Thu 07 Sep 2006Proposed modifications to Yell price control
Thu 20 Jul 2006Delay to EWS/Marcroft merger inquiry
Mon 17 Jul 2006Delay to Stagecoach/Scottish Citylink merger inquiry
Wed 12 Jul 2006Competition Commission report and accounts 2005/2006
Tue 13 Jun 2006Provisional findings on review of Yell price control
Fri 26 May 2006EWS/Marcroft merger provisional findings report
Tue 23 May 2006Provisional adverse finding in EWS/Marcroft merger inquiry
Fri 12 May 2006P194 energy code appeal abandoned
Wed 19 Apr 2006First appeal against an Ofgem energy code decision
Fri 17 Mar 2006Competition issues in EWS/Marcroft
Wed 15 Mar 2006Merger control inquiry into Stagecoach/Scottish Citylink
Wed 08 Mar 2006Competition Commission report on First / Greater Western
Tue 07 Mar 2006Competition Commission's final report on store cards
Wed 08 Feb 2006Grounds for provisional clearance of First / Greater Western
Thu 26 Jan 2006Reckon: Lessening of competition in First / Greater Western
Wed 25 Jan 2006Competition issues for Waterstone's take-over of Ottakar's
Tue 24 Jan 2006Emerging thinking on review of Yell price control
Thu 22 Dec 2005Clearance of National Express / Thameslink Great Northern
Wed 14 Dec 2005Reckon: Counterfactual for First / Greater Western merger
Tue 29 Nov 2005Provisional clearance of National Express bid for Thameslink
Fri 18 Nov 2005Competition issues for Greater Western franchise
Mon 03 Oct 2005Competition implications of Greater Western franchise award
Wed 14 Sep 2005National Express bid for Thameslink: issues statement
Thu 01 Sep 2005Classified directory advertising services: CC issues statement
Fri 05 Aug 2005National Express/Thameslink Great Northern merger inquiry
Thu 14 Jul 2005Commencement: Energy code modifications appeals regime
Tue 12 Jul 2005Rules for electricity and gas code modification appeals
Thu 23 Jun 2005Appeals process for energy code modifications
Mon 20 Jun 2005Competition Commission's view of rail-on-rail competition
Wed 06 Apr 2005Classified directory advertising services referred to CC
Wed 09 Feb 2005FirstGroup/InterCity East Coast: statement of issues
Mon 31 Jan 2005Energy code modification appeals: Competition Commission draft guide
Thu 23 Dec 2004Competition Commission water mergers guidelines
Tue 02 Nov 2004Franck: Water mergers - Ofwat's response
Thu 30 Sep 2004Reckon: Water mergers
Fri 06 Jun 2003Competition Commission market investigations guidelines
Fri 06 Jun 2003Competition Commission mergers guidelines
Fri 08 Nov 2002Vivendi Water and First Aqua (JVCo) (Southern Water)
Wed 13 Sep 2000Competition Commission water price controls (Mid Kent & Sutton)
Fri 25 Apr 1997MMC report on NIE price controls
Tue 21 Jan 1997Mid Kent Water / General Utilities and SAUR merger report
Fri 25 Oct 1996MMC prohibits proposed bids for South West Water Plc
Fri 28 Jul 1995MMC determination of water price controls
Fri 28 Jul 1995Lyonnaise des Eaux SA and Northumbrian Water Group Plc
Wed 04 Jul 1990General Utilities PLC and The Mid Kent Water Company
Wed 04 Jul 1990Southern Water plc and Mid-Sussex Water Company
Fri 27 Apr 1990General Utilities PLC and the creation of Three Valleys Water

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