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The OFT's database

The OFT's competition court cases database was meant to be based on the goodwill of lawyers filing reports on cases. Its stated scope is commercial litigation involving competition law points in the UK (not including CAT appeals).

According to the OFT (text retrieved on 25 July 2008):

This database relies on voluntary submissions and is not intended to compete with commercial resources which are able to offer more information than is possible here. However, there is sometimes a significant time lapse before reporting occurs in other resources and not all judgments are reported.

This resource seeks to fill that gap and provide an up-to-date tool to survey the development of competition jurisprudence. Additionally, it will be possible to see the extent to which competition law is being litigated in the UK courts.

These aims were not achieved. In July 2008, the most recent reported case in the OFT's database was for 2003. There were 23 entries in total: five for 2000, four for 2001, nine for 2002, five for 2003.

Any goodwill that the OFT may have had in the early days was probably not helped by its restrictive linking rules:

Establishing links directly to pages in the UK competition court cases database is not permitted without prior approval from the OFT.

UK court procedures require competition law matters raised in litigation to be notified to the OFT. The use to which OFT puts these notifications, if any, does not appear to be disclosed.

DG Competition's database

The European Commission's national court cases database has the force of law behind its data collection process. Article 15(2) of Council Regulation 1/2003 states that:

Member States shall forward to the Commission a copy of any written judgment of national courts deciding on the application of Article 81 or Article 82 of the Treaty. Such copy shall be forwarded without delay after the full written judgment is notified to the parties.

It seems that DG Competition has failed to act on most of these notifications, or that compliance by the responsible national authorities in the UK has been poor. (The second option seems unlikely as the English court rule places the duty to file on the judge himself.)

In July 2008, there were only three judgments listed for the UK:

DG Competition publishes the judgments that it refers to as PDF files.

Cases listed on our site and in the official databases

The cases listed below are noted on Reckon's public website and in one of the above official databases.

Wed 21 Dec 2005Attheraces v BHB [2005] EWHC 3015 (Ch)
Fri 21 May 2004Crehan v Courage [2004] EWCA 637
Thu 10 Apr 2003Arkin v Borchard Line & Ors [2003] EWHC 687 (Comm)
Tue 31 Dec 2002HMSO v Automobile Association [2002] EWHC (Ch)
Fri 20 Dec 2002Intel v Via Technologies and another [2002] EWCA Civ 1905
Fri 22 Nov 2002Unipart v O2 and another [2002] EWHC
Fri 28 Jun 2002Suretrack Rail Services v Infraco JNP [2002] EWHC (Ch)
Fri 14 Jun 2002Intel v Via Technologies and another [2002] EWHC 1159 (Ch)
Fri 21 Dec 2001Jobserve v NMT [2001] EWCA Civ 2018
Fri 05 Oct 2001Hendry v Billiards And Snooker [2001] EWHC (Ch)
Thu 05 Apr 2001NMT v Jobserve [2001] EWHC (Ch)
Fri 30 Mar 2001Synstar Computer Services v ICL (Sorbus) [2001] EWHC (Ch)
Sun 31 Dec 2000Sockel v The Body Shop International Plc [2000] EWHC
Thu 16 Nov 2000Whitbread plc v Falla [2000] EWHC (Ch)

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