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The DfT is the UK ministerial department with policy responsibility for transport, in particular the management of passenger rail franchises and the distribution of freight grants. Many of its powers are limited to England or England and Wales; equivalent powers over transport in Scotland rest with the Scottish Executive.

The following items have been filed under DfT (includes SRA-related items).

Thu 22 Jul 2010Government plans for rail franchising
Thu 07 Aug 2008Rolling stock leasing: possible remedies and advice to DfT
Wed 23 Jul 2008Draft OFT guidance on competition tests for bus services
Fri 28 Mar 2008New tax on the sale of passenger rail franchise businesses
Wed 05 Dec 2007OFT/DfT consultation on bus competition guidance
Fri 02 Nov 2007DfT review of the New Approach to Appraisal (NATA)
Fri 14 Sep 2007DfT consultation on Channel Tunnel access regulation
Tue 14 Aug 2007Premium profile for National Express East Coast
Tue 24 Jul 2007Railway white paper, HLOS, SoFA, and ITTs
Wed 18 Jul 2007DfT guidance on TfL's role in DfT rail franchises
Tue 10 Jul 2007Subsidy profile for Arriva Trains Cross Country
Thu 05 Jul 2007Passenger rail franchise agreement capacity regimes
Fri 22 Jun 2007Subsidy and premium profile for Stagecoach East Midland
Fri 22 Jun 2007Subsidy profile for Govia London Midland
Thu 14 Jun 2007Public Accounts Committee report on West Coast Main Line
Tue 22 May 2007Department for Transport proposals for local transport
Thu 17 May 2007DfT consultation on passenger rail franchising policy
Thu 17 May 2007Department for Transport annual report 2007
Wed 16 May 2007DfT definition of minor modifications closures
Tue 08 May 2007Greater Western rail franchise ITT disclosure
Thu 12 Apr 2007Website notes: Department for Transport
Fri 09 Mar 2007DfT cannot be trusted to maintain weblinks
Thu 08 Mar 2007DfT information note on intercity express train procurement
Thu 08 Feb 2007Government response on bus regulation and competition
Mon 29 Jan 2007Department for Transport response on rail franchising
Fri 15 Dec 2006GNER franchise to terminate in "12 to 18 months"
Wed 13 Dec 2006New subsidy profile for Virgin West Coast
Tue 12 Dec 2006Government view on bus regulation in England
Fri 24 Nov 2006Guide to rail freight grants in Great Britain
Wed 22 Nov 2006NAO report on West Coast Route Modernisation
Tue 14 Nov 2006State aid clearance for new rail freight grants
Mon 06 Nov 2006Merger control process for Stagecoach / South Western
Fri 03 Nov 2006Transport Committee report on passenger rail franchising
Tue 31 Oct 2006Franchise payment profile for new South Western franchise
Thu 19 Oct 2006Government response on rail fares
Fri 13 Oct 2006State aid approval for new rail freight grant system
Fri 22 Sep 2006Stagecoach retains South West Trains and Island Line
Fri 11 Aug 2006Financial unravelling of GNER franchise
Wed 28 Jun 2006Renewed attack on rolling stock leasing companies (again)
Mon 19 Jun 2006Open access was "an industry risk" allocated to GNER
Thu 11 May 2006DfT asked franchise bidders to ignore open access
Thu 06 Apr 2006Grand Central and GNER ECML rights: DfT/ORR debate
Mon 03 Apr 2006Profile of franchise payments for GNER and ONE railway
Fri 31 Mar 2006Government guide to railway franchise procurement
Fri 31 Mar 2006South Western rail franchise stakeholder briefing
Wed 29 Mar 2006GNER to seek remedy for unexpected competition
Tue 21 Mar 2006Review of possible cost savings in Northern Rail franchise
Thu 09 Mar 2006Possible powers for London Mayor over rail outside London
Wed 01 Feb 2006Franchise payment profiles: SE, FGW and FCC
Thu 26 Jan 2006Department for Transport consultation on railway closures
Wed 25 Jan 2006Over-optimistic franchise bidding, Mark II
Thu 19 Jan 2006Renewed attack on rolling stock leasing companies
Tue 13 Dec 2005Thameslink and Greater Western franchises awarded to First
Fri 02 Dec 2005Value for money of Connex South Eastern termination
Tue 01 Nov 2005Central government funding for local bus services
Tue 27 Sep 2005South West Trains and Island Line refranchising
Wed 21 Sep 2005EWS objects to "prejudicial" Crossrail proposals
Thu 21 Jul 2005SRA annual report 2004/2005
Mon 27 Jun 2005RPSAG Railtrack special administration misfeasance case
Fri 03 Jun 2005Thameslink/Great Northern Stakeholder Briefing Document
Tue 22 Mar 2005GNER wins East Coast franchise
Fri 11 Mar 2005Review of the schedule 8 performance regime
Wed 23 Feb 2005Crossrail bill introduced
Tue 18 Jan 2005Financial agreement on Scotland's railways
Mon 17 Jan 2005Integrated Kent Franchise Stakeholder Briefing Document
Sat 30 Oct 2004GNER franchise replacement: SRA briefing document
Sat 31 Jul 2004DfT white paper: the future of rail

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