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Wed 19 Nov 2008Opinion on tests for economic activity (Kattner Stahlbau)
Tue 16 Sep 2008HMRC v Isle of Wight Council & ors [2008] EUECJ C-288/07
Thu 03 Jul 2008AG opinion in SELEX v Commission appeal
Tue 01 Jul 2008MOTOE v Greek State (and ELPA) [2008] EUECJ C-49/07
Thu 12 Jun 2008AG opinion on off-street parking VAT (Isle of Wight case)
Thu 06 Mar 2008Greek motorsport: opinion on economic activity
Wed 04 Jul 2007Au lys de France v Commission [2007] EUECJ T-458/04
Tue 26 Jun 2007Hutchison 3G & Ors v HMRC [2007] EUECJ C-369/04
Fri 16 Feb 2007HMRC v Isle of Wight Council & ors [2007] EWHC 219 (Ch)
Tue 12 Dec 2006SELEX v Commission [2006] EUECJ T-155/04
Tue 11 Jul 2006ECJ judgment on Fenin (concept of undertaking)
Thu 12 Jan 2006Optigen/Bond House v HMRC [2006] EUECJ C-354/03
Mon 14 Nov 2005Fenin Advocate General opinion (concept of undertaking)
Fri 18 Feb 2005No unfair competition found in French nursing homes
Mon 23 Aug 2004OFT443 policy note on competition law and public bodies

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