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ERGEG is a committee of the national electricity and gas regulators in the European Union. It was set up by the European Commission under the "comitology" procedure in 2003.

Its role is to advise the Commission on technical regulatory matters. It also appears to seek a much more executive and powerful role for itself, aspiring to act as a quasi-regulator of EU-level electricity and gas issues.

ERGEG is closely associated with CEER, the voluntary association of the same regulators together with the national regulators of the EFTA EEA states (with the exception of Bulgaria, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg). Since March 2008 the two organisations share a website (apparently managed by E-Control, the Austrian regulator) at

Mon 21 Jul 2008ERGEG consultation on legislative proposals for market abuse
Sat 19 Jul 2008ERGEG paper on availability of firm transmission capacity
Fri 18 Jul 2008ERGEG consultation on electricity network losses
Tue 27 May 2008CEER position on subsidies for renewable generation
Thu 07 Feb 2008European energy regulators' associations' work plans 2008
Thu 22 Nov 2007Regulators' response to EURELECTRIC's ISO ideas
Wed 19 Sep 2007European Commission proposals on transmission unbundling
Wed 01 Aug 2007European energy regulators on end-user price regulation
Tue 31 Jul 2007ERGEG report on compliance with Regulation 1228/2003
Thu 19 Jul 2007ERGEG conclusions on voltage quality
Wed 06 Jun 2007ERGEG advice on revision of EU energy directives
Mon 30 Apr 2007Regulation of EU cross-border transmission infrastructure
Wed 28 Mar 2007CEER/ERGEG annual report 2006
Thu 08 Feb 2007ERGEG proposals for EU energy regulation and unbundling
Wed 10 Jan 2007Further Ofgem call for more EU regulation
Mon 18 Dec 2006CEER/ERGEG work programme for 2007
Wed 06 Dec 2006ERGEG guidelines on cross-border electricity balancing
Mon 13 Nov 2006Cross-border electricity trading rules: UK/Ireland/France
Thu 05 Oct 2006Consultation on EU cross-border transmission infrastructure
Thu 05 Oct 2006Sir John Mogg wants more EU law (and more powers)
Wed 21 Jun 2006CEER and ERGEG annual reports 2005
Thu 08 Jun 2006Draft guidelines for cross-border electricity balancing
Tue 11 Apr 2006ERGEG consultation on inter-TSO compensation
Mon 27 Feb 2006ERGEG proposals for cross-border electricity markets
Wed 08 Jun 2005European regulators' study on regional electricity markets

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