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Tue 03 Aug 2010Ofgem consults on the way forward for Gas Distribution Price Control Review 2
Tue 03 Aug 2010Ofgem consults on the way forward for Transmission Price Control Review 5
Wed 20 Jan 2010Reckon: paper for Ofgem on longer-term price controls
Fri 14 Nov 2008Northern Ireland Utility Regulator's draft work plans
Mon 06 Oct 2008Ofgem report on gas and electricity retail competition
Fri 03 Oct 2008Ofgem seminars on network price control methods
Thu 11 Sep 2008Compulsory contributions from UK energy companies
Mon 21 Jul 2008Reckon report on productivity growth for GTS price control
Mon 21 Jul 2008ERGEG consultation on legislative proposals for market abuse
Wed 09 Jul 2008Extension of scope of Energy Act appeals to the CC
Mon 30 Jun 2008Ofgem review of industry codes governance
Fri 02 May 2008Ofgem transmission annual report for 2006/2007
Wed 30 Apr 2008National Grid grounds for appeal on metering abuse
Tue 01 Apr 2008Ofgem's corporate strategy and plan 2008-2013
Fri 28 Mar 2008Call for evidence on electricity and gas supply competition
Wed 19 Mar 2008National Grid meters: Ofgem directions suspended
Wed 19 Mar 2008Ofgem decision on National Grid meter contracts
Fri 07 Mar 2008Consultation on July returns for gas distribution networks
Thu 06 Mar 2008National Grid attempts to protect its metering contracts
Thu 06 Mar 2008Ofgem to re-examine its overall approach to price controls
Mon 25 Feb 2008DG Competition acceptance of Distrigaz commitments
Mon 25 Feb 2008Ofgem finds National Grid metering contracts unlawful
Fri 26 Oct 2007Ofreg consultation on revised financial penalties policy
Mon 24 Sep 2007Ofgem's updated gas distribution price control proposals
Wed 19 Sep 2007European Commission proposals on transmission unbundling
Mon 10 Sep 2007Draft gas distribution price control licence conditions
Fri 24 Aug 2007Phoenix Natural Gas' new distribution price control formula
Wed 08 Aug 2007Consultation on system operator role and remuneration
Wed 01 Aug 2007Order on costs for CC energy code appeal
Tue 10 Jul 2007Ofgem gas exit regime decision quashed
Tue 03 Jul 2007Competition Commission delays gas code decision
Thu 28 Jun 2007Revised Phoenix gas distribution price control amendments
Thu 28 Jun 2007Debt financing of Phoenix gas transmission
Mon 04 Jun 2007Progress with E.ON's gas exit regime appeal
Fri 01 Jun 2007Ofgem conclusions on energy supply licences
Tue 29 May 2007Gas distribution price controls: Ofgem's initial proposals
Thu 24 May 2007Pre-registration encouraged for CC public hearings
Mon 14 May 2007E.ON v Ofgem: case management conference scheduled
Thu 12 Apr 2007Ofreg consultation on modifications to Phoenix licence
Wed 11 Apr 2007Update on plans for debt funding of Phoenix transmission
Mon 26 Mar 2007Gas distribution price control review: fourth consultation
Wed 10 Jan 2007Final report from the EC's electricity and gas inquiries
Wed 10 Jan 2007Further Ofgem call for more EU regulation
Mon 04 Dec 2006Final proposals for gas distribution price control 2007/2008
Wed 29 Nov 2006Embedded finance for Northern Ireland gas network
Mon 27 Nov 2006Gas distribution price control: third consultation
Fri 10 Nov 2006CRE proposals for gas transmission price controls from 2007
Mon 25 Sep 2006Gas distribution price control 2007/2008 initial proposals
Mon 25 Sep 2006Updated transmission price control proposals
Thu 18 May 2006National Grid's views on cost of capital for transmission
Wed 17 May 2006National Grid accused of unfair foreclosure of gas meters
Wed 29 Mar 2006Recovery of gas transmission network reinforcement costs
Thu 01 Dec 2005First consultation on gas distribution price control review
Wed 26 Oct 2005CRE proposals for gas distribution price controls from 2006
Thu 14 Jul 2005Gas distribution charges from October 2005
Tue 21 Jun 2005Ofreg statement on Phoenix gas "re-opening"
Wed 25 May 2005Regulatory implications for Phoenix Natural Gas of East Surrey Holdings take-over
Wed 27 Oct 2004CRE proposals for gas transmission price controls from 2005
Tue 06 Jul 2004Application of merger tax to gas distribution
Fri 30 Jan 2004French competition authority view on gas transport charges
Fri 07 Jun 2002Valuation of French gas transmission networks
Tue 26 Jun 2001Investor perceptions of British Gas plc at 31 December 1991
Wed 31 May 2000Transco's price control from 2002: initial consultation

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