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Ofgem is the industry regulator and competition authority for the electricity and downstream gas industries in England, Wales and Scotland. It also administers the renewables obligation schemes for the whole of the UK (including Northern Ireland).

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Tue 03 Aug 2010Ofgem consults on the way forward for Gas Distribution Price Control Review 2
Tue 03 Aug 2010Ofgem consults on the way forward for Transmission Price Control Review 5
Wed 21 Jul 2010Two electricity distribution network operators request relief from the effects of over-recovery
Wed 21 Jul 2010Ofgem paper on pre-2005 distributed generation
Wed 20 Jan 2010Reckon: paper for Ofgem on longer-term price controls
Thu 09 Apr 2009Ofgem consultation on interim IDNO charging proposals
Fri 20 Mar 2009Ofgem update on power distribution structure of charges
Fri 05 Dec 2008Ofgem consultation on electricity distribution price control
Thu 13 Nov 2008Ofgem prohibits ENW's structure of charges proposals
Thu 06 Nov 2008Ofgem update on electricity distribution price control
Mon 03 Nov 2008Ofgem consultation on notice periods for IDNO price changes
Mon 03 Nov 2008Rejection of Ofgem's distribution structure of charges plans
Mon 20 Oct 2008Ofgem rejects P224 (allocation of reactive power)
Fri 17 Oct 2008Ofgem endorses real-time tagging for cash-out (P217A)
Tue 14 Oct 2008Ofgem rejects user commitment for generators (CAP131)
Mon 06 Oct 2008Ofgem report on gas and electricity retail competition
Fri 03 Oct 2008New Ofgem proposals to replace the renewables obligation
Fri 03 Oct 2008Ofgem seminars on network price control methods
Thu 02 Oct 2008Ofgem's work on EDF / British Energy merger
Wed 01 Oct 2008Electricity distribution structure of charges: Ofgem decision
Wed 17 Sep 2008Ofgem consultation on charging methodology governance
Tue 16 Sep 2008Funding for electricity transmission capacity to Scottish isles
Wed 10 Sep 2008Ofgem prohibits EDF's structure of charges proposals
Wed 10 Sep 2008Ofgem prohibits G3's structure of charges proposals
Tue 26 Aug 2008Consultation on ENW proposals for network charging
Thu 07 Aug 2008Pension costs in power distribution price control
Tue 05 Aug 2008Cost of the renewables obligations in 2007/2008
Fri 01 Aug 2008Ofgem prohibits SP Energy Networks IDNO proposals
Thu 31 Jul 2008Responses to Ofgem on G3 proposals for structure of charges
Fri 25 Jul 2008Process for award of offshore transmission licences
Fri 25 Jul 2008Consumer research for distribution price control review
Tue 22 Jul 2008Ofgem wants to determine the distribution charging method
Mon 21 Jul 2008Ofgem annual report 2007/2008
Thu 17 Jul 2008Change to National Grid system operator charges 2008/2009
Thu 17 Jul 2008Locational transmission losses proposals abandoned for now
Wed 02 Jul 2008ScottishPower EnergyNetworks' combined G3/IDNO proposal
Wed 02 Jul 2008Ofgem consultation on EDF distribution charging proposals
Wed 02 Jul 2008Proposed exemption for Wales-Ireland power interconnectors
Mon 30 Jun 2008Ofgem review of industry codes governance
Tue 17 Jun 2008Ofgem consultation on G3 FCP distribution charging
Fri 13 Jun 2008Further update on offshore electricity transmission regulation
Wed 04 Jun 2008EDF proposals for electricity distribution structure of charges
Wed 28 May 2008Funding for Beauly-Denny public inquiry: 2006/2007 costs
Fri 16 May 2008Consultation on licensing of EDF IDNOs in EDF areas
Thu 15 May 2008ENW proposals for changes to IDNO charges
Wed 14 May 2008Ofgem's accounts 2007/2008
Mon 12 May 2008Process for setting system operator charges in 2009/2010
Fri 09 May 2008G3 proposals for distribution structure of charges
Tue 06 May 2008Ofgem consultation on SP's IDNO charging proposals
Fri 02 May 2008Ofgem transmission annual report for 2006/2007
Thu 01 May 2008Costs of GB participation in EU inter-TSO compensation
Wed 30 Apr 2008National Grid grounds for appeal on metering abuse
Wed 30 Apr 2008Tidying up of electricity distribution licence
Thu 24 Apr 2008Decision on restricted transmission entry capacity (CAP 149)
Thu 17 Apr 2008Ofgem guidance on carbon impacts under industry codes
Fri 11 Apr 2008Revenue reporting instructions for distribution price controls
Tue 08 Apr 2008Ofgem investigation into Scottish generation abuse claims
Tue 08 Apr 2008New SP Distribution/Manweb proposal for IDNO charges
Wed 02 Apr 2008Ofgem threats on power distribution structure of charges
Tue 01 Apr 2008Consultation on metering technologies for public lighting
Tue 01 Apr 2008Ofgem's corporate strategy and plan 2008-2013
Mon 31 Mar 2008Ofgem guidance on impact assessments 2008
Mon 31 Mar 2008Costs of temporary disconnection (CAP048): licence changes
Fri 28 Mar 2008Further delay to decision on transmission losses
Fri 28 Mar 2008Initial consultation on electricity distribution price control
Fri 28 Mar 2008NAO report on removal of retail price controls
Fri 28 Mar 2008Call for evidence on electricity and gas supply competition
Thu 27 Mar 2008SP Transmission SF6 incentive scheme
Wed 19 Mar 2008National Grid meters: Ofgem directions suspended
Wed 19 Mar 2008Ofgem decision on National Grid meter contracts
Mon 17 Mar 2008Review of electricity and gas code governance
Fri 07 Mar 2008Consultation on July returns for gas distribution networks
Thu 06 Mar 2008National Grid attempts to protect its metering contracts
Thu 06 Mar 2008Ofgem to re-examine its overall approach to price controls
Wed 05 Mar 2008Renewables obligation schemes in 2006/2007
Fri 29 Feb 2008Ofgem kills P212 (market-based settlement prices)
Fri 29 Feb 2008Ofgem seems to like real-time tagging (P217)
Wed 27 Feb 2008National Grid system operator price controls 2008/2009
Mon 25 Feb 2008Incentives for SP Transmission to reduce SF6 emissions
Mon 25 Feb 2008Ofgem finds National Grid metering contracts unlawful
Sat 23 Feb 2008Report on "offshore transmission embedded transmission"
Fri 22 Feb 2008Gas distribution price control licence conditions
Fri 15 Feb 2008Ofgem clears SP Distribution of discrimination allegation
Fri 15 Feb 2008Outline licence changes for offshore transmission regulation
Mon 11 Feb 2008Ofgem allows more reinforcement-based DG charges
Thu 31 Jan 2008Interim report on management of new grid connections
Fri 25 Jan 2008Ofgem's debt and disconnection review
Wed 16 Jan 2008Ofgem's ideas on windfall taxes and vulnerable consumers
Mon 14 Jan 2008Ofgem's proposed corporate strategy and plan to 2013
Mon 14 Jan 2008Ofgem update on offshore electricity transmission regulation
Thu 20 Dec 2007Ofgem consultation on electricity cash out proposals
Thu 20 Dec 2007Ofgem consultation on impact assessment methods
Thu 20 Dec 2007Changes to Manweb competition commitments accepted
Tue 18 Dec 2007Consultation on arrangements for distributed generation
Tue 18 Dec 2007Ofgem decision on IDNO access to Central Networks
Mon 17 Dec 2007Ofgem consent to WPD's IDNO charging method
Fri 07 Dec 2007National Grid consultation on SO price controls
Mon 03 Dec 2007Gas distribution price control final proposals
Thu 01 Nov 2007Electricity distribution quality of service 2006/2007
Thu 01 Nov 2007Price control reviews for gas and electricity system operators
Mon 29 Oct 2007Proposed variation to Manweb competition commitments
Thu 25 Oct 2007Review of electricity distribution licence conditions
Tue 23 Oct 2007Ofgem consultation on WPD IDNO charging proposal
Mon 22 Oct 2007Ofgem proposal to restrict objections to supplier switching
Fri 28 Sep 2007Ofgem enforcement guidelines
Thu 27 Sep 2007Reckon: Analysis of productivity trends
Thu 27 Sep 2007Service standards for access to electricity connections
Mon 24 Sep 2007Ofgem's updated gas distribution price control proposals
Fri 14 Sep 2007Delay to decision on GB electricity transmission losses
Thu 13 Sep 2007Ofgem continues to object to the renewables obligation
Mon 10 Sep 2007Draft gas distribution price control licence conditions
Fri 17 Aug 2007Consultation on payments for adoption of connection assets
Thu 16 Aug 2007Call for evidence for electricity transmission access review
Fri 10 Aug 2007Cost of the renewables obligations in 2006/2007
Wed 08 Aug 2007Consultation on system operator role and remuneration
Wed 01 Aug 2007Order on costs for CC energy code appeal
Tue 31 Jul 2007Update on transmission charging for distributed generation
Fri 27 Jul 2007Restrictions on objections to energy customer transfers
Thu 26 Jul 2007Terms of reference for review of transmission access
Wed 25 Jul 2007Update on offshore transmission tendering regime
Wed 25 Jul 2007No evidence of discriminatory handling of connections by EDF
Mon 23 Jul 2007Ofgem annual report 2006/2007
Mon 23 Jul 2007Cost reporting arrangements for gas distribution
Fri 13 Jul 2007Service standards for electricity connections - consultation
Thu 12 Jul 2007BritNed interconnector granted 25-year exemption
Thu 12 Jul 2007Ofgem veto of SP IDNO charging proposals
Tue 10 Jul 2007Ofgem gas exit regime decision quashed
Wed 27 Jun 2007Draft Ofgem investigations and complaints guidelines
Tue 26 Jun 2007Ofgem favours P203 (average zonal transmission losses)
Tue 26 Jun 2007Proposed pass-through of Beauly-Denny public inquiry costs
Mon 25 Jun 2007Ofgem gives up on bringing old documents to new site
Fri 15 Jun 2007Scenarios for electricity networks to 2050
Tue 12 Jun 2007Another correction to TIRG licence condition
Wed 06 Jun 2007NEDL/YEDL incorrect reporting of quality of service data
Tue 05 Jun 2007Ofgem initial view on connecting Scottish isles generators
Mon 04 Jun 2007Progress with E.ON's gas exit regime appeal
Fri 01 Jun 2007Ofgem conclusions on energy supply licences
Tue 29 May 2007Gas distribution price controls: Ofgem's initial proposals
Thu 17 May 2007Ofgem's approach to electricity distribution price controls
Mon 14 May 2007E.ON v Ofgem: case management conference scheduled
Tue 08 May 2007Consultation on SP and WPD access prices for IDNOs
Tue 08 May 2007Ofgem's competition law enforcement investigations
Wed 02 May 2007Modification to SP Transmission TIRG licence condition
Fri 27 Apr 2007Ofgem proposal to mandate pre-payment meter recalibration
Wed 18 Apr 2007Use of electricity customer transfer process data for marketing
Sun 15 Apr 2007Franck: Quick fix for broken links to the Ofgem website
Wed 11 Apr 2007Broken links from Ofgem website changes (updated)
Wed 04 Apr 2007Ofgem's electricity cash out review workshop
Tue 03 Apr 2007Ofgem update on electricity distribution structure of charges
Fri 30 Mar 2007Transmission price control licence conditions
Fri 30 Mar 2007Ofgem guidelines on pre-payment meter price controls
Fri 30 Mar 2007Regulatory regime for offshore electricity transmission
Fri 30 Mar 2007Ofgem's corporate strategy and plan 2007-2012
Thu 29 Mar 2007National Grid GBSO price control: licence conditions
Tue 27 Mar 2007Ofgem's review of the electricity distribution licence
Mon 26 Mar 2007Gas distribution price control review: fourth consultation
Thu 22 Mar 2007Recovery of transmission outage compensation costs
Thu 22 Mar 2007Issues papers for Ofgem's electricity cash out review
Thu 01 Mar 2007Proposed licence modifications for transmission price control
Tue 27 Feb 2007Ofgem proposals for National Grid system operator charges
Fri 23 Feb 2007Ofgem consultation on locational transmission losses
Tue 20 Feb 2007Licence modifications for metering price control (second try)
Mon 19 Feb 2007Ofgem veto of EDF proposal to keep structure of charges
Fri 16 Feb 2007Ofgem proposals on service standards for connections work
Thu 15 Feb 2007Ofgem decision to extend IFI and RPZ
Thu 08 Feb 2007ERGEG proposals for EU energy regulation and unbundling
Thu 01 Feb 2007Ofgem approval of WPD distribution charging proposals
Wed 31 Jan 2007Report on electricity distribution expenditure 2005/2006
Wed 24 Jan 2007Ofgem finds effective competition in meter reading
Tue 23 Jan 2007Final Ofgem financial model for transmission price control
Tue 23 Jan 2007Ofgem early draft of metering price control licence conditions
Mon 22 Jan 2007Ofgem's proposal to replace the renewables obligation
Fri 19 Jan 2007Second consultation on transmission price control licence
Fri 12 Jan 2007Consultation on Ofgem's work plans for 2007-2012
Thu 11 Jan 2007Locational losses: Ofgem seeks details of cost-benefit analysis
Thu 11 Jan 2007Metering price control licence modifications update
Wed 10 Jan 2007Further Ofgem call for more EU regulation
Fri 05 Jan 2007More time to consider exemption for BritNed interconnector
Thu 04 Jan 2007Scope of licence changes for electricity metering deregulation
Tue 19 Dec 2006Good practice for electricity PPM customers and debt build up
Tue 19 Dec 2006Ofgem seminars on transmission access arrangements
Mon 18 Dec 2006Ofgem's further proposals for supply licences
Mon 18 Dec 2006Discounts for less resilient electricity connections
Thu 14 Dec 2006Lords committee call for evidence on regulators
Thu 14 Dec 2006Ofgem's Electronic Public Register
Thu 14 Dec 2006Ofgem response on concurrent competition powers
Wed 13 Dec 2006Security standard for offshore transmission networks
Tue 05 Dec 2006National Grid system operator price controls 2007/2008
Mon 04 Dec 2006Final Ofgem proposals for transmission price control
Mon 04 Dec 2006Final proposals for gas distribution price control 2007/2008
Fri 01 Dec 2006Electricity distribution quality of service report 2005/2006
Mon 27 Nov 2006Gas distribution price control: third consultation
Mon 27 Nov 2006Electricity generators' compulsory purchase powers
Mon 20 Nov 2006Timing of Ofgem decision on locational transmission losses
Mon 20 Nov 2006Offshore electricity transmission licensing arrangements
Wed 15 Nov 2006Transmission price control draft licence modifications
Mon 13 Nov 2006Cross-border electricity trading rules: UK/Ireland/France
Wed 01 Nov 2006Barriers and incentives to distributed generation/CHP
Tue 31 Oct 2006Updated cost of the renewables obligation 2005/2006
Fri 27 Oct 2006Ofgem's conclusions on financing structures
Fri 20 Oct 2006P205 approved (back towards a more average cash out)
Fri 13 Oct 2006Ofgem decision on metering price controls
Wed 11 Oct 2006Manifest data errors in electricity transmission charges
Wed 11 Oct 2006Franck: Renewable cat out of bag
Mon 09 Oct 2006Ofgem's next steps on microgeneration
Thu 05 Oct 2006Consultation on EU cross-border transmission infrastructure
Thu 05 Oct 2006Sir John Mogg wants more EU law (and more powers)
Thu 05 Oct 2006Designated version of the DCUSA
Thu 05 Oct 2006Possible slight broadening of IFI and RPZ funding
Mon 02 Oct 2006Preliminary views on GB system operator costs 2007/2008
Mon 02 Oct 2006End of price controls for new meters and meter operation
Fri 29 Sep 2006Reopening of price control for electricity prepayment meters
Fri 29 Sep 2006New terms for access to electricity distribution (DCUSA)
Wed 27 Sep 2006Tighter regulation of transmission charging approaches
Mon 25 Sep 2006Smithers & Co report on cost of capital (2006)
Mon 25 Sep 2006National Grid cost pass-through request partially allowed
Mon 25 Sep 2006Gas distribution price control 2007/2008 initial proposals
Mon 25 Sep 2006Updated transmission price control proposals
Fri 15 Sep 2006Questionnaire on Ofgem website structure
Tue 12 Sep 2006Cost of the 2005/2006 renewables obligation
Thu 07 Sep 2006Rejection of tolerance bands in electricity settlement
Tue 05 Sep 2006Proposed price control exemption for BritNed interconnector
Fri 01 Sep 2006Draft new terms for access to electricity distribution
Thu 31 Aug 2006Competition rules for gas and electricity connections
Thu 24 Aug 2006Price controls for non-independent distribution networks
Tue 22 Aug 2006Government funding for smart metering pilot schemes
Mon 21 Aug 2006Distribution charges for customers in EDF and WPD areas
Thu 10 Aug 2006Recognition of owner/operator split on Moyle interconnector
Fri 04 Aug 2006Possible ex post adjustment to system operator price control
Thu 03 Aug 2006Rejection of P199 (quantification of demand control)
Wed 02 Aug 2006Summary of responses to "financing networks"
Tue 01 Aug 2006Ofgem's plans for 2007-2012: initial consultation
Wed 26 Jul 2006Ofgem annual report 2005/2006
Tue 25 Jul 2006Offshore transmission licensing and price controls
Wed 19 Jul 2006Gas distribution price control: second consultation
Wed 19 Jul 2006Ex post efficiency test for gas distribution expenditure
Mon 10 Jul 2006Ofgem financial model for transmission price controls
Fri 07 Jul 2006Ofgem proposals for retail licence conditions
Wed 05 Jul 2006National Grid system operator incentive schemes from 2007
Wed 05 Jul 2006Possible GBSO income adjusting events for 2005/2006
Wed 05 Jul 2006Ofgem residential energy retail market report
Fri 30 Jun 2006Industry codes compliance review
Fri 30 Jun 2006Consultation on future metering price controls
Fri 30 Jun 2006No Ofgem requirement to install smart meters
Mon 26 Jun 2006Transmission price control initial proposals
Fri 23 Jun 2006Website notes: Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (Ofgem)
Wed 21 Jun 2006Transmission arrangements for distributed generation
Wed 31 May 2006Transmission charging for distributed generation
Fri 26 May 2006Proposed electricity imbalance tolerance band (P201)
Fri 26 May 2006Ofgem to conduct an impact assessment of P198
Thu 18 May 2006National Grid's views on cost of capital for transmission
Wed 17 May 2006National Grid accused of unfair foreclosure of gas meters
Fri 12 May 2006P194 energy code appeal abandoned
Wed 10 May 2006Suggestions for electricity transmission user commitments
Thu 04 May 2006No 2006/2007 price cap for GB electricity system operator
Thu 04 May 2006Review of competition in gas and electricity connections
Wed 19 Apr 2006First appeal against an Ofgem energy code decision
Wed 19 Apr 2006Data for comparative analysis of transmission costs
Thu 13 Apr 2006Scottish transmission networks charges (to National Grid)
Thu 13 Apr 2006Licensing of non-independent distribution networks
Thu 13 Apr 2006Widening of scope of competition in electricity connections
Tue 11 Apr 2006ERGEG consultation on inter-TSO compensation
Mon 03 Apr 2006Plans for offshore electricity transmission price controls
Fri 31 Mar 2006Licence condition for one-year transmission price control
Fri 31 Mar 2006Ofgem's two-year and five-year plans
Thu 30 Mar 2006Third consultation on transmission price controls
Wed 29 Mar 2006National Grid rejects Ofgem's balancing charges proposals
Wed 29 Mar 2006Recovery of gas transmission network reinforcement costs
Thu 23 Mar 2006Ofgem confirms move towards marginal cost settlement
Sat 18 Mar 2006Electricity distribution annual expenditure returns
Wed 15 Mar 2006Electricity distribution discretionary surcharge scheme
Thu 09 Mar 2006Electricity transmission access rights straw-men developers
Tue 28 Feb 2006Electricity transmission system operator incentive schemes
Tue 28 Feb 2006National Grid transmission price control licence condition
Tue 28 Feb 2006Possible reform of GB electricity transmission access rights
Mon 27 Feb 2006Ofgem report on the renewables obligations in 2004/2005
Wed 08 Feb 2006Regulation of financing structures for utility networks
Wed 01 Feb 2006Review of Ofgem's policy towards domestic metering
Wed 01 Feb 2006Consultation on transmission capital expenditure planning
Thu 26 Jan 2006Electricity trading: move back towards marginal cost pricing?
Tue 17 Jan 2006Ofgem's Project Paperless
Fri 13 Jan 2006Ofgem draft corporate strategy and plan 2006-2011
Fri 13 Jan 2006Report on structure of electricity distribution charges
Tue 10 Jan 2006SP Manweb losses investigation
Wed 04 Jan 2006Draft licence conditions for NGET 2006/2007 price control
Fri 30 Dec 2005Consultation on system operator 2006/2007 forecast costs
Fri 16 Dec 2005Transmission reliability incentives in Scotland
Fri 16 Dec 2005Transmission charging for distributed generation: meetings
Thu 15 Dec 2005Electricity and gas transmission price controls (Great Britain)
Thu 15 Dec 2005Transmission investment for renewable generation scheme
Thu 15 Dec 2005Proposed increase in distribution excess capacity charges
Wed 14 Dec 2005Funding for Scotland-England interconnector upgrade
Tue 06 Dec 2005GB electricity distribution cost review 2004/2005
Thu 01 Dec 2005First consultation on gas distribution price control review
Thu 01 Dec 2005Proposed increase in distribution charges for reactive power
Wed 30 Nov 2005Electricity distribution quality of service 2004/2005
Mon 28 Nov 2005National Grid Electricity Transmission one-year price control
Fri 25 Nov 2005Proposed new class of contestable connections work
Thu 24 Nov 2005Definition of innovative energy efficiency action
Wed 23 Nov 2005Section 36 approval process for offshore power stations
Wed 23 Nov 2005Final wording for non-discrimination licence condition
Wed 23 Nov 2005Ofgem proposes electricity distribution contractual code
Mon 21 Nov 2005Ring-fencing condition for independent distribution networks
Mon 14 Nov 2005Ofgem veto of National Grid transmission charges proposal
Fri 11 Nov 2005Potential Ofgem study on competition for business customers
Mon 31 Oct 2005Grounds for veto of transmission charges proposal
Mon 31 Oct 2005Consultation on Scotland-England interconnector upgrade
Fri 28 Oct 2005Funding of transmission investment for renewable generation
Fri 28 Oct 2005ScottishPower fails in judicial review of transmission charges
Thu 27 Oct 2005SP Manweb competition undertakings for connections
Wed 26 Oct 2005Electricity distribution customer service reward scheme
Tue 25 Oct 2005More delay in making transmission offers
Wed 19 Oct 2005Ofgem update on distribution structure of charges
Fri 14 Oct 2005More on transmission charging for distributed generation
Fri 14 Oct 2005Proposed changes to transmission charging structure
Tue 11 Oct 2005Econometric analysis of betas and spreads for Ofgem
Fri 07 Oct 2005Structure of electricity distribution charges project
Thu 06 Oct 2005Proposed change of schedule for GB Seven Year Statement
Thu 06 Oct 2005Ofgem's treatment of distribution merger efficiencies
Fri 30 Sep 2005Transmission charging for distributed generation
Tue 27 Sep 2005Connections: new wording for non-discrimination condition
Tue 27 Sep 2005Transmission price control for National Grid for 2006/2007
Mon 19 Sep 2005Guidance to network operators on defaults by customers
Wed 14 Sep 2005Minutes of sub-group of Ofgem's demand side working group
Wed 14 Sep 2005Litigation on transmission charges for northern generators
Fri 19 Aug 2005Development statements for electricity distribution networks
Wed 17 Aug 2005Review of standard supply licence conditions
Fri 12 Aug 2005Ofgem consultation on corporate strategy
Fri 12 Aug 2005Minutes of distribution quality of supply group
Wed 03 Aug 2005Cost recovery mechanism for energy administration
Wed 27 Jul 2005Regulation of offshore electricity transmission
Tue 26 Jul 2005Price controls for independent distribution networks
Tue 26 Jul 2005Assessment of distribution price control review process
Tue 26 Jul 2005Structure of electricity distribution charges: ISG meeting
Fri 22 Jul 2005Electricity and gas transmission price control reviews
Fri 22 Jul 2005NGC price control extension
Wed 20 Jul 2005Ofgem annual report 2004/2005
Thu 14 Jul 2005Gas distribution charges from October 2005
Thu 14 Jul 2005Commencement: Energy code modifications appeals regime
Tue 12 Jul 2005Rules for electricity and gas code modification appeals
Mon 04 Jul 2005Electricity and gas access disputes under EC directives
Mon 27 Jun 2005Proposed competition undertakings by SP Manweb
Thu 23 Jun 2005Appeals process for energy code modifications
Fri 10 Jun 2005Revised Ofgem guidance on impact assessments
Mon 06 Jun 2005Structure of distribution charges: workshop
Thu 19 May 2005Ofgem minded to introduce a single GB network code for electricity distribution
Mon 16 May 2005Consultation on usability of distribution long-term development statements
Mon 09 May 2005Consultation on structure of electricity distribution charges
Wed 04 May 2005Robert Hull, Ofgem's new Director of Transmission
Fri 29 Apr 2005Electricity distribution cost reporting guidance
Wed 20 Apr 2005Regulatory implications of domestic-scale microgeneration
Fri 15 Apr 2005Guidance on electricity and gas interconnector licences
Fri 15 Apr 2005Rewards for innovative energy efficiency schemes
Thu 14 Apr 2005RPZ details from Ofgem
Fri 08 Apr 2005Costs of compensation for temporary physical disconnection
Wed 06 Apr 2005Transmission charging methodology
Thu 31 Mar 2005Ofgem corporate strategy and plan 2005-2010
Thu 24 Mar 2005Electricity distribution RIGs: quality of service
Tue 22 Mar 2005Review of electricity distribution price control review
Mon 21 Mar 2005Licence amendments for BETTA
Fri 18 Mar 2005Additional licence conditions for independent electricity distribution networks
Wed 09 Mar 2005Embedded Exemptable Large Power Stations connected to Islanded Distribution
Wed 09 Mar 2005Electricity transmission structure of charges approved
Fri 04 Mar 2005DG, IFI and RPZs Regulatory Instructions and Guidance
Fri 04 Mar 2005Electricity distribution revenue reporting RIGs
Tue 01 Mar 2005NGC system operator incentive scheme
Tue 01 Mar 2005GB-wide electricity transmission charges
Mon 28 Feb 2005Competition in electricity connections
Mon 28 Feb 2005No statement of Scotland-England interconnector capacity
Fri 25 Feb 2005Interim discount for small transmission connected generators
Thu 24 Feb 2005Best practice guidelines for network operator credit cover
Wed 23 Feb 2005Interim BETTA transmission price controls: statutory licence consultation etc
Tue 22 Feb 2005Ofgem "conclusions" on credit cover for transmission owners
Tue 22 Feb 2005BETTA: conclusions on embedded exemptable large power stations
Mon 21 Feb 2005Distribution price control calculations and licence conditions
Wed 16 Feb 2005Nuclear site licence provisions agreements in Scotland
Wed 16 Feb 2005Ofgem's sixth draft of reporting guidance for quality of service
Tue 15 Feb 2005BETTA: licence modifications
Sat 12 Feb 2005Ofgem approves DNOs' charging methodologies
Fri 11 Feb 2005Transition to new EHV charges
Fri 11 Feb 2005Annual cost reporting arrangements for electricity distribution companies
Tue 08 Feb 2005Delay in issuing transmission connection offers
Fri 04 Feb 2005Ofgem's BETTA user guide
Wed 02 Feb 2005Structure of transmission charges: Ofgem analysis
Tue 01 Feb 2005BETTA: interconnector capacity statements
Tue 01 Feb 2005BETTA: offers for connection to the Scottish transmission systems
Mon 31 Jan 2005Energy code modification appeals: Competition Commission draft guide
Mon 31 Jan 2005Regulation of independent electricity distribution networks
Fri 28 Jan 2005BETTA: extension of time periods for transmission access offers
Thu 27 Jan 2005OFT428 guideline: GB electricity and gas
Thu 27 Jan 2005Competition law guidance for the energy sector: response
Thu 27 Jan 2005Electricity and gas transmission: income-adjusting events
Tue 25 Jan 2005BETTA: treatment of "embedded exemptable large power stations"
Mon 24 Jan 2005Ofgem's draft corporate plan
Wed 19 Jan 2005BETTA: STC drafting
Tue 18 Jan 2005Modification to OC2 of Grid Code
Tue 18 Jan 2005BETTA: STC drafting
Tue 18 Jan 2005Recovery of Scottish Settlements run-off costs
Mon 17 Jan 2005Ofgem minded to approve Grid Code changes
Mon 17 Jan 2005Theft of electricity and gas: Ofgem "next steps" paper
Tue 11 Jan 2005Franck: Transmission reliability incentives (3)
Fri 31 Dec 2004Transmission charges and BETTA: final proposals
Tue 21 Dec 2004Ofgem finds no grounds for action against UUE
Tue 07 Dec 2004Franck: Transmission reliability incentives (2)
Tue 30 Nov 2004Electricity distribution charges 2005-2010: final proposals
Tue 26 Oct 2004Franck: Transmission reliability incentives
Thu 30 Sep 2004Electricity distribution charges 2005-2010: update
Tue 06 Jul 2004Application of merger tax to gas distribution
Wed 30 Jun 2004Electricity distribution charges 2005-2010: initial proposals
Fri 14 Nov 2003Structure of electricity distribution charges: initial decision
Sun 01 Jun 2003The Electricity (Connection Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 2002
Thu 13 Feb 2003Smithers & Co report on cost of capital (2003)
Wed 01 May 2002Ofgem's policy on electricity distribution mergers
Mon 11 Feb 2002The Electricity (Connection Charges) Regulations 2002
Sun 30 Sep 2001Transco price control from 2002: final proposals
Tue 26 Jun 2001Investor perceptions of British Gas plc at 31 December 1991
Sat 30 Sep 2000National Grid transmission asset owner charges from 2001
Wed 31 May 2000Transco's price control from 2002: initial consultation
Fri 31 Dec 1999Distribution price control 2000-2005: final proposals
Sun 31 Oct 1999Electricity distribution charges 2000-2005: update
Sun 31 Oct 1999Ofgem's draft proposals for Scottish transmission charges
Tue 31 Aug 1999Electricity distribution charges 2000-2005: draft proposals
Mon 31 May 1999Consultation on electricity distribution price control

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