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The Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR) is the regulator for electricity, downstream gas, water and sewerage in Northern Ireland. It currently styles itself “the Utility Regulator”.

Its formal title before March 2007 was the Northern Ireland Authority for Energy Regulation (NIAER). It was originally established as the Office for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas (Ofreg).

Ofreg's official website is amongst the least usable in the UK public sector. It can be found at or

Fri 14 Nov 2008Northern Ireland Utility Regulator's draft work plans
Thu 06 Nov 2008Regulatory report on Northern Ireland Water's charges
Thu 18 Sep 2008Review of electricity tariff setting process in Northern Ireland
Mon 15 Sep 2008Northern Ireland Utility Regulator report for 2007/2008
Fri 27 Jun 2008Irish gas: consultation on transmission charging
Fri 27 Jun 2008Northern Ireland: Regulator's consultation on strategy
Fri 06 Jun 2008AES Kilroot v NIAUR (Utility Regulator) [2008] NIQB 62
Tue 19 Feb 2008Ofreg annual report and accounts 2006/2007
Thu 20 Dec 2007Draft Ofreg work programme for 2008/2009
Tue 11 Dec 2007Price control for wholesale electricity in Northern Ireland
Wed 05 Dec 2007Consultation on SONI price control 2007-2010
Wed 05 Dec 2007NIE electricity supply price control 2007-2009
Thu 01 Nov 2007Ofreg rationale for cancellation of PPAs
Fri 26 Oct 2007Ofreg consultation on revised financial penalties policy
Tue 23 Oct 2007Ofreg decision to cancel PPAs
Tue 23 Oct 2007Ofreg decision paper on changes to cancellation condition
Tue 25 Sep 2007Licence modifications for cancellation of NIE PPAs
Wed 19 Sep 2007Ofreg comments on Northern Ireland water review
Wed 19 Sep 2007Irish electricity: price caps and floors
Mon 03 Sep 2007Irish electricity: capacity payments for 2008
Mon 27 Aug 2007Irish electricity: ancillary services consultation
Fri 24 Aug 2007Ofreg initial proposals for NIE supply price control
Fri 24 Aug 2007Phoenix Natural Gas' new distribution price control formula
Wed 08 Aug 2007Irish electricity: trading and settlement code parameters
Wed 01 Aug 2007Irish electricity: bidding code of practice
Wed 01 Aug 2007Irish electricity: retail supply price control methodology
Mon 16 Jul 2007Cancellation of Northern Ireland power purchase agreements
Fri 06 Jul 2007Delay to shadow credit rating for Northern Ireland Water
Tue 03 Jul 2007Irish electricity: designated Trading and Settlement Code
Thu 28 Jun 2007Revised Phoenix gas distribution price control amendments
Thu 28 Jun 2007Debt financing of Phoenix gas transmission
Tue 19 Jun 2007Irish electricity: transmission use of system charging
Thu 14 Jun 2007Northern Ireland Executive review of water and sewerage
Thu 07 Jun 2007Irish electricity: capacity uplift to increase slowly
Thu 07 Jun 2007Irish electricity: future of PSO levies
Thu 31 May 2007Interface between system operator and NIE transmission
Thu 31 May 2007Irish electricity: proposed trading and settlement code
Fri 27 Apr 2007Ofreg work plan for 2007/2008
Thu 26 Apr 2007Irish electricity: allocation of transmission losses
Tue 17 Apr 2007Ofreg proposals for NIE ring-fencing and independent directors
Thu 12 Apr 2007Ofreg statement of regulatory principles and intent for water
Thu 12 Apr 2007Ofreg consultation on modifications to Phoenix licence
Wed 11 Apr 2007Update on plans for debt funding of Phoenix transmission
Wed 11 Apr 2007Commitment to structural reforms in Irish electricity
Tue 03 Apr 2007Conditions for cancellation of Northern Ireland PPAs
Thu 22 Mar 2007Northern Ireland Water licence and charges
Thu 15 Mar 2007Irish electricity: transmission use of system charging
Thu 15 Mar 2007Irish electricity: SMP uplift for start-up and no-load
Tue 13 Mar 2007Proposed new licence for Moyle Interconnector
Tue 13 Mar 2007Irish electricity: consultation on transmission loss factors
Wed 07 Mar 2007Separate transmission licence for Northern Ireland Electricity
Fri 02 Mar 2007Irish electricity: decision on power exchange postponed
Fri 02 Mar 2007Irish electricity: transmission planning
Wed 28 Feb 2007Ofreg accounts 2005/2006
Mon 26 Feb 2007Irish electricity: continuing price controls on ESB and NIE
Mon 26 Feb 2007Irish electricity: consultation on market operator licences
Wed 14 Feb 2007Irish electricity: £380 million to be paid outside SMP
Fri 19 Jan 2007Ofreg plans for debt funding of Phoenix transmission
Mon 08 Jan 2007Draft Northern Ireland Water charges scheme
Fri 08 Dec 2006Irish electricity: directed contracts quantification decision
Mon 04 Dec 2006Consultation on Northern Ireland Water licence
Fri 01 Dec 2006Review of NIE's ring-fencing licence conditions
Wed 29 Nov 2006Embedded finance for Northern Ireland gas network
Mon 20 Nov 2006Northern Ireland interconnector trading arrangements
Mon 13 Nov 2006Cross-border electricity trading rules: UK/Ireland/France
Tue 07 Nov 2006NIE bulk supply and public service obligation tariffs
Tue 07 Nov 2006Decision on use of BETTA rebate in Northern Ireland
Thu 19 Oct 2006Northern Ireland electricity meter registration agreement
Tue 10 Oct 2006Water Reform Northern Ireland: Order laid in Parliament
Thu 05 Oct 2006Consultation on EU cross-border transmission infrastructure
Tue 03 Oct 2006Irish electricity: directed contracts quantification consultation
Fri 08 Sep 2006NIE T&D price control licence modifications
Fri 08 Sep 2006Irish electricity: directed contracts decision and consultation
Wed 06 Sep 2006NIE Transmission & Distribution price control from 2007
Tue 25 Jul 2006New approach to gas regulation in Northern Ireland
Tue 11 Jul 2006Irish electricity: start-up and no-load costs in pool price
Fri 07 Jul 2006Market power monitor for the Irish electricity pool
Fri 07 Jul 2006Irish electricity pool: small generators and meter data flows
Thu 06 Jul 2006Bidding principles and local market power in Irish electricity
Wed 05 Jul 2006Irish electricity: structure of network charges for generation
Sat 01 Jul 2006Ofreg work plans for 2006/2007
Wed 21 Jun 2006WICS annual report 2005/2006: regulatory costs doubled
Wed 21 Jun 2006Directed contracts in the Irish electricity market
Tue 20 Jun 2006Debt in change of electricity supplier (Northern Ireland)
Fri 09 Jun 2006Irish regulators to oversee wholesale electricity prices
Fri 09 Jun 2006Capital expenditure on Northern Ireland electricity network
Thu 25 May 2006Uplift for start-up and no-load costs in Irish electricity pool
Wed 24 May 2006Transmission losses in the all-Ireland electricity system
Thu 13 Apr 2006Peter Matthews to chair NIAER
Fri 07 Apr 2006Regulatory controls for Irish electricity wholesale markets
Tue 28 Mar 2006NIAER review of energy efficiency levy
Fri 03 Mar 2006Irish electricity: further consultation on capacity payments
Tue 28 Feb 2006Work plan for energy regulation in Northern Ireland
Tue 28 Feb 2006Use of BETTA rebate to Northern Ireland interconnector
Wed 15 Feb 2006Draft 1.0 of All Island electricity trading and settlement code
Wed 08 Feb 2006Franck: Regulation of market power in Irish electricity, part 2
Wed 01 Feb 2006Market power mitigation in Irish electricity
Wed 21 Dec 2005Draft code for single Irish electricity settlement area
Thu 15 Dec 2005Electricity network price control in Northern Ireland
Fri 25 Nov 2005Ofreg quick consultation on interconnector capacity
Thu 27 Oct 2005Some movement in Northern Ireland Water Reform
Wed 28 Sep 2005Meetings with NIAER/CER on the regulation of market power
Mon 19 Sep 2005Approach to energy efficiency in Northern Ireland
Sun 21 Aug 2005Franck: Regulation of market power in Irish electricity
Thu 18 Aug 2005Phoenix Gas "re-opening": ESH complaint against NIAER
Thu 18 Aug 2005Phoenix Gas "re-opening": Terra Firma tries to escape
Tue 16 Aug 2005Market power in Irish electricity markets
Fri 05 Aug 2005Security cover in the single Irish electricity market
Fri 05 Aug 2005GB-Ireland interconnector trading rules
Thu 28 Jul 2005Security of electricity supply in Northern Ireland
Tue 26 Jul 2005Ofreg "mutualisation" plans for interconnectors
Fri 08 Jul 2005Ofreg's approach to electricity retail market opening
Tue 21 Jun 2005Ofreg statement on Phoenix gas "re-opening"
Fri 10 Jun 2005Irish electricity trading: decision on high-level design
Wed 25 May 2005Regulatory implications for Phoenix Natural Gas of East Surrey Holdings take-over
Fri 20 May 2005Ofreg forward work programme 2005-2006
Fri 20 May 2005Capacity payment mechanism in Irish electricity
Thu 19 May 2005Northern Ireland: electricity security of supply and PPAs
Fri 29 Apr 2005All Island Project: abandonment of public model plan
Wed 20 Apr 2005NIAER invites comments on carbon reduction paper
Thu 31 Mar 2005Irish single electricity market: consultation on high-level design
Tue 22 Feb 2005Ofreg forward work programme consultation
Mon 24 Jan 2005Electricity licence modifications (Northern Ireland)
Thu 13 Feb 2003Smithers & Co report on cost of capital (2003)
Fri 27 Jul 2001OFT437 guideline: Northern Ireland electricity and gas
Fri 25 Apr 1997MMC report on NIE price controls

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