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The OFT is the UK's main competition law and consumer law enforcement authority. It is responsible for:

  • the first stage of merger control;
  • alongside sectoral regulators and the European Commission, for the public enforcement of Article 81 and Article 82.

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The following items have been filed under OFT.

Thu 18 Dec 2008OFT decision on Cardiff Bus predatory abuse case
Tue 18 Nov 2008OFT makes predatory abuse decision against Cardiff Bus
Tue 18 Nov 2008OFT clears Arriva's take-over of KMP bus service
Mon 17 Nov 2008OFT's annual plan consultation for 2009/2010
Fri 31 Oct 2008OFT report on proposed Lloyds TSB/HBOS merger
Wed 22 Oct 2008OFT guidance on magazine and newspaper distribution
Fri 26 Sep 2008Stagecoach/Cavalier merger of "insufficient importance"
Thu 25 Sep 2008OFT invites comments on HBOS / Lloyds TSB
Mon 22 Sep 2008Anticipated acquisition by EirGrid plc of SONI Limited
Fri 19 Sep 2008OFT update on future changes to merger guidance
Thu 18 Sep 2008Government clarification on HBOS/Lloyds TSB merger control
Wed 17 Sep 2008Suspension of independence of UK competition authorities?
Wed 27 Aug 2008OFT decision on Global Radio / GCap Media merger
Wed 23 Jul 2008Draft OFT guidance on competition tests for bus services
Mon 21 Jul 2008OFT annual report 2007/2008
Wed 16 Jul 2008OFT report on personal current accounts
Mon 14 Jul 2008OFT's grounds for Project Kangaroo merger reference
Mon 30 Jun 2008Kangaroo goes to the Competition Commission
Fri 13 Jun 2008OFT grounds for referring BOC / Ineos Chlor
Fri 06 Jun 2008Procter & Gamble tactics against generics: OFT not interested
Thu 29 May 2008BOC / Ineos Chlor referred to the Competition Commission
Thu 24 Apr 2008OFT v banks (unfair charges) [2008] EWHC 875 (Comm)
Mon 21 Apr 2008OFT/CC joint review of substantive merger guidelines
Fri 11 Apr 2008Grounds for clearance of First / Truronian
Tue 01 Apr 2008OFT grounds for clearing Go-Ahead / Stanley Taxis
Mon 31 Mar 2008OFT work plans for 2008/2009
Fri 28 Mar 2008Draft OFT merger procedural and jurisdictional notice
Fri 29 Feb 2008OFT rewards for snitching on cartels
Thu 14 Feb 2008Clearance of Stagecoach / East Midlands Trains
Wed 16 Jan 2008Clearance of Stagecoach / Mayne
Thu 10 Jan 2008OFT grounds for clearing National Express/East Coast
Mon 31 Dec 2007OFT grounds for clearing Arriva / Cross Country rail franchise
Thu 20 Dec 2007OFT clears rail franchise mergers as unimportant
Tue 11 Dec 2007OFT conclusions on UK medicines distribution
Mon 10 Dec 2007OFT grounds for clearing Govia/London Midland
Wed 05 Dec 2007OFT/DfT consultation on bus competition guidance
Thu 29 Nov 2007OFT clearance of Go Ahead / Northumbria Coaches
Mon 26 Nov 2007OFT consultation on annual plan 2008/2009
Mon 26 Nov 2007OFT recommendations on private actions in competition law
Thu 15 Nov 2007OFT guidance on unimportant mergers
Mon 05 Nov 2007OFT review of the deterrent effect of its competition work
Fri 19 Oct 2007Becta complaint on schools software licensing
Tue 25 Sep 2007Merger control processes for railway franchise awards
Tue 25 Sep 2007Measurement of OFT's direct benefits to consumers
Tue 25 Sep 2007Consultation on OFT's prioritisation principles
Thu 06 Sep 2007OFT clearance of First / Chester City Transport
Fri 24 Aug 2007OFT happy with Darlington two-to-one bus merger
Thu 16 Aug 2007Aquavitae seeks action against alleged Anglian squeeze
Wed 01 Aug 2007OFT guidance for competition assessment of public policy
Wed 01 Aug 2007BA agrees to OFT decision on transatlantic fuel surcharges
Thu 26 Jul 2007OFT test case on unauthorised overdraft bank charges
Thu 26 Jul 2007Terry Brannigan v OFT [2007] CAT 23
Mon 23 Jul 2007OFT annual report for 2006/2007
Thu 19 Jul 2007OFT consultation on First/ChesterBus merger
Tue 03 Jul 2007AstraZeneca delays new UK distribution arrangements
Thu 21 Jun 2007OFT finds that Freightliner faces effective competition
Thu 21 Jun 2007First / Hutchison Coaches (Overtown) bus merger clearance
Mon 18 Jun 2007OFT consultation on unimportant mergers
Thu 24 May 2007Reference of Sky/ITV to the Competition Commission
Tue 15 May 2007Cardiff Bus: OFT enforces the law on abuse
Fri 04 May 2007OFT view on the role of competition law complaints
Tue 01 May 2007Jurisdictional dispute over public sector information
Mon 30 Apr 2007OFT's claimed consumer savings from merger control
Fri 27 Apr 2007OFT and Ofcom reports on Sky/ITV submitted to DTI
Thu 26 Apr 2007OFT market study into GB personal current bank accounts
Tue 24 Apr 2007Clearance of Lancashire United / Blackburn Borough Transport
Mon 23 Apr 2007AstraZeneca UK appoints AAH and Unichem as distributors
Wed 18 Apr 2007OFT view on private enforcement of competition law
Tue 10 Apr 2007OFT consultation on unfair contract terms guidance
Thu 05 Apr 2007Competition Commission corporate plan for 2007/2008
Wed 04 Apr 2007OFT market study on pharmaceutical wholesaling
Tue 03 Apr 2007Cityhook Limited v Office of Fair Trading [2007] CAT 18
Mon 02 Apr 2007OFT not interested in cash machine software compatibility
Wed 28 Mar 2007Office of Fair Trading annual plan for 2007/2008
Tue 20 Mar 2007AAH & others v Pfizer & Unichem [2007] EWHC 565 (Ch)
Thu 08 Mar 2007Clearance of award of South Western franchise to Stagecoach
Tue 20 Feb 2007OFT review of UK pharmaceutical price regulation (PPRS)
Mon 19 Feb 2007Consultation on OFT competition impact assessment guidance
Wed 07 Feb 2007OFT response on concurrent competition powers
Wed 24 Jan 2007OFT guidance on public subsidies
Fri 12 Jan 2007Consultation on BSkyB's interest in ITV plc
Thu 28 Dec 2006Merger control clearance for Arcapita/Viridian
Wed 20 Dec 2006Grounds for clearing Govia's bid for London Rail
Thu 14 Dec 2006Lords committee call for evidence on regulators
Tue 12 Dec 2006OFT proposal to refer BAA to the Competition Commission
Mon 11 Dec 2006OFT consultation on annual plan
Thu 07 Dec 2006OFT report on commercial use of public information
Thu 30 Nov 2006OFT439 guideline: Public transport ticketing schemes
Mon 27 Nov 2006Revised OFT competition impact assessment guideline
Thu 16 Nov 2006Merger reference for Mid Kent Water / South East Water
Mon 06 Nov 2006Merger control process for Stagecoach / South Western
Wed 01 Nov 2006Merger control process for London rail franchise
Fri 27 Oct 2006South East/Mid Kent water merger process starts
Thu 19 Oct 2006Argos, Littlewoods and JJB v OFT [2006] EWCA Civ 1318
Thu 12 Oct 2006OFT prioritisation of competition law enforcement
Mon 18 Sep 2006OFT grounds for referring merger of London music venues
Tue 08 Aug 2006Removal of price control on London-Stansted coaches
Tue 11 Jul 2006OFT annual report and accounts 2005/2006
Mon 26 Jun 2006Franck: Are Scottish Water's charges excessive?
Thu 15 Jun 2006Ofcom & OFT v Floe Telecom [2006] EWCA Civ 768
Wed 14 Jun 2006Grounds for clearance of Arriva's take-over of MK Metro
Thu 01 Jun 2006OFT draft opinion on newspaper and magazine distribution
Tue 16 May 2006OFT response to EC consultation on damages actions
Mon 08 May 2006Draft guidelines: public transport ticketing block exemption
Wed 19 Apr 2006Consultation deadline (OFT): Arriva / Premier Buses
Wed 19 Apr 2006Grounds for reference of Stagecoach/Scottish Citylink
Wed 12 Apr 2006Guidance for third parties in competition law investigations
Wed 05 Apr 2006National Express allowed full control of Midland Metro
Wed 05 Apr 2006OFT guidance on fair credit card default charges
Tue 04 Apr 2006OFT clearance of Govia / South Eastern Trains
Mon 03 Apr 2006OFT511 guideline: Market investigation references
Fri 31 Mar 2006OFT wants to change EC law on abuse of a dominant position
Wed 29 Mar 2006Office of Fair Trading annual plan for 2006/2007
Thu 23 Mar 2006OFT inquiry into pharmaceutical price regulation
Mon 13 Mar 2006OFT to revise opinion on newspaper/magazine distribution
Thu 02 Mar 2006End of investigation into free London newspaper distribution
Tue 28 Feb 2006Interim measures in Spectron/LME competition dispute
Tue 21 Feb 2006Consultation deadline (OFT): Govia / Kent franchise
Mon 20 Feb 2006Grounds for reference of EWS/Marcroft merger
Thu 26 Jan 2006The OFT's approach to assessing State subsidies
Thu 12 Jan 2006Partial review of FirstGroup bus fares regulation in Scotland
Tue 10 Jan 2006NTL/Telewest merger: OFT clearance decision
Fri 23 Dec 2005Claimed impact of the OFT's competition enforcement work
Thu 24 Nov 2005Role of third parties in UK competition law enforcement
Wed 23 Nov 2005Franck: OFT and State aid action plan
Wed 23 Nov 2005Details of the OFT's bid to advise DG Competition on State aid
Thu 17 Nov 2005NAO review of the OFT's competition enforcement work
Fri 11 Nov 2005OFT clearance of Macquarie takeover of BBC Broadcast
Wed 02 Nov 2005Franck: OFT and misleading advertising
Tue 01 Nov 2005Widening of public transport ticketing block exemption
Tue 25 Oct 2005OFT403 guideline: Market definition
Wed 19 Oct 2005OFT reasons for referring Greater Western rail franchise bids
Wed 12 Oct 2005OFT response to EC State aid action plan
Thu 06 Oct 2005OFT430 guideline: Railways
Tue 13 Sep 2005OFT launches market study into PPRS
Wed 07 Sep 2005Reasons for referring National Express bid for Thameslink
Wed 31 Aug 2005New ORR competition law guidelines
Tue 26 Jul 2005OFT investigation into default charges on credit cards
Fri 15 Jul 2005Free newspaper distribution in London
Thu 14 Jul 2005OFT clearance of Thameslink Great Northern bidders
Thu 19 May 2005OFT draft opinion on newspaper and magazine distribution
Thu 05 May 2005Franck: Public services and competition law
Thu 14 Apr 2005A step towards a free afternoon newspaper in London
Thu 07 Apr 2005New competitor for London Metro/Standard Lite?
Tue 05 Apr 2005OFT436: Guide to leniency in cartel cases
Fri 01 Apr 2005Proposed changes to the Public Transport Ticketing Schemes Block Exemption
Thu 24 Mar 2005Draft competition law guidelines for British railways
Tue 08 Mar 2005OFT accepts Capital Radio undertakings
Wed 02 Mar 2005OFT intends to accept TV Eye commitments
Wed 23 Feb 2005Provisional conclusion on newspaper/magazine distribution
Thu 27 Jan 2005OFT428 guideline: GB electricity and gas
Thu 27 Jan 2005Competition law guidance for the energy sector: response
Tue 25 Jan 2005OFT423 guideline: Appropriate amount of a penalty
Tue 25 Jan 2005OFT419 guideline: Vertical agreements
Tue 25 Jan 2005OFT405 guideline: Concurrency in regulated sectors
Tue 25 Jan 2005OFT402 guideline: Abuse of a dominant position
Fri 21 Jan 2005TV Eye to amend sale of advertising airtime
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT442 guideline: Regulation 1/2003 (modernisation)
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT421 guideline: Services of general economic interest
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT420 guideline: Land agreements
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT415 guideline: Assessment of market power
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT408 guideline: Trade associations
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT407 guideline: Enforcement
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT404 guideline: Powers of investigation
Mon 20 Dec 2004OFT401 guideline: Agreements and concerted practices
Tue 16 Nov 2004OFT519 guideline: Market studies
Mon 18 Oct 2004Reckon: On Genzyme
Mon 23 Aug 2004OFT443 policy note on competition law and public bodies
Thu 10 Jun 2004Pernod Ricard and another v OFT [2004] CAT 10
Mon 19 Apr 2004OFT414a guideline: Assessment of conduct
Tue 20 May 2003OFT516 guideline: Merger control (UK first stage)
Thu 13 Feb 2003Smithers & Co report on cost of capital (2003)
Thu 30 Jan 2003OFT investigation into alleged Sky margin squeeze
Fri 23 Aug 2002OFT439 guideline: Public transport ticketing (deprecated)
Wed 13 Feb 2002OFT guidelines for competition impact assessment (2002)
Fri 27 Jul 2001OFT437 guideline: Northern Ireland electricity and gas
Thu 26 Jul 2001OFT decision in ICL/Synstar case
Fri 15 Jun 2001OFT decision on Claritas/DMA allegations against Consignia/Royal Mail/Postal Preference Service Limited
Mon 07 Feb 2000OFT417 guideline: Telecommunications sector
Thu 03 Feb 2000OFT422 guideline: Water and sewerage

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