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Tue 09 Sep 2008PPP Arbiter: prospects for Tube Lines charges
Mon 09 Jun 2008London Underground PPP Arbiter accounts for 2007/2008
Tue 03 Jun 2008London Underground PPP Arbiter approach to periodic review
Tue 03 Jun 2008London Underground PPP Arbiter periodic review procedure
Mon 02 Jun 2008London Underground PPP Arbiter plans for 2008/2009
Wed 30 Apr 2008Plans for guidance on Tube Lines PPP price control baseline
Tue 15 Apr 2008Reference on Tube Lines cost baseline for 2010-2017 period
Fri 23 Nov 2007Re Metronet Rail BCV Ltd [2007] EWHC 2697 (Ch)
Wed 31 Oct 2007Metronet drops extraordinary review
Fri 21 Sep 2007Initial thoughts on Metronet extraordinary review
Mon 30 Jul 2007Metronet abandons request for interim direction
Wed 18 Jul 2007Expected (High Court): Metronet Rail hearing
Mon 16 Jul 2007Proposed emergency payments to Metronet
Fri 29 Jun 2007PPP Arbiter annual report for 2006/2007
Fri 29 Jun 2007PPP Arbiter consultation on extraordinary review
Fri 29 Jun 2007Timescales for Metronet extraordinary reviews
Thu 21 Jun 2007Metronet requests extraordinary review
Tue 05 Jun 2007Update of the PPP Arbiter's procedures
Fri 01 Jun 2007PPP Arbiter business plan
Tue 22 May 2007Metronet heading for early PPP Arbiter price control review
Tue 13 Mar 2007London Underground PPP: treatment of overspends
Wed 07 Feb 2007London Underground PPP Arbiter proposed new procedures
Wed 20 Dec 2006PPP Arbiter issues paper on Metronet overspend guidance
Thu 16 Nov 2006Annual report on Metronet's efficiency and practices
Wed 08 Nov 2006PPP Arbiter conclusions on Tube Lines request for guidance
Mon 23 Oct 2006Delay in release of Tube Lines guidance
Wed 02 Aug 2006Consultation on Tube Lines' request for assurances
Thu 06 Jul 2006Timetable for Metronet guidance from PPP Arbiter
Mon 03 Jul 2006PPP Arbiter plans for 2006/2007 and future years
Wed 28 Jun 2006PPP Arbiter annual report and accounts 2005/2006
Fri 26 May 2006Tube Lines seeks assurances on future price controls
Fri 19 May 2006Metronet/TfL request for PPP Arbiter guidance on efficiency
Thu 11 Aug 2005Possessions management on London Underground

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