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The Office of Rail Regulation is the railway industry regulator in Great Britain, with duties to enforce health and safety law, competition law, and the licensing and access provisions of the Railways Act 1993 (as amended).

The ORR's website at provides decisions, policy papers, statistical information about the railways in Great Britain, consultation documents, and non-confidential consultation responses.

ORR is chaired by Chris Bolt, which is also the London Underground PPP Arbiter. Bill Emery (ex Ofwat) is ORR's chief executive. A January 2007 notice provides information on other senior staff.

Thu 30 Oct 2008ORR proposals for Network Rail 2009-2014
Tue 21 Oct 2008Changes to ORR policy on penalties for licence breaches
Thu 25 Sep 2008ORR supports EWS on access to HS1 for freight
Tue 26 Aug 2008Freightliner claims damages against EWS for abuse
Tue 22 Jul 2008ORR approval of the Crossrail track access option
Mon 21 Jul 2008ORR's draft five-year strategy
Thu 05 Jun 2008ORR draft determinations for Network Rail charge control
Fri 02 May 2008ORR examination of obstacles to third party investment
Mon 03 Mar 2008Proposed ORR decision on Crossrail
Tue 22 Jan 2008ORR's approach to complaints about excessive pricing
Fri 18 Jan 2008ORR determination on transfer of freight rights
Thu 17 Jan 2008ORR's policy on track access options
Thu 17 Jan 2008E.ON v ORR (coal carriage contracts): case closed
Fri 11 Jan 2008ORR hearing on Crossrail to be behind closed doors
Thu 20 Dec 2007ORR preliminary view on Network Rail charge control
Fri 07 Dec 2007ORR consultation on its 2008/2009 business plan
Thu 22 Nov 2007ORR guide to complaints about rail fares and car park charges
Thu 01 Nov 2007ORR consultation on Network Rail's strategic business plan
Thu 01 Nov 2007ORR consultation on changes to method for setting fines
Wed 31 Oct 2007ORR conclusions on catastrophe insurance
Fri 19 Oct 2007ORR consultation on debt indexation
Tue 11 Sep 2007Grounds for approval of London-Wrexham open access
Thu 06 Sep 2007Further consultation on Network Rail financial issues
Mon 03 Sep 2007Consultation on Network Rail output and performance targets
Fri 24 Aug 2007Consultation on track access options and compulsory buy-out
Fri 17 Aug 2007ORR work on excessive fares under competition law
Wed 04 Jul 2007E.ON v ORR and EWS: Court of Appeal to rule
Fri 29 Jun 2007ORR consultation on criteria for market studies
Thu 28 Jun 2007Rebates to investors in large rail enhancements
Mon 25 Jun 2007ORR consultation on charges for freight-only line costs
Thu 21 Jun 2007Glasgow Prestwick Airport railway station charges
Tue 19 Jun 2007ORR to develop compensation system for track access rights
Thu 14 Jun 2007Public Accounts Committee report on West Coast Main Line
Wed 06 Jun 2007ORR annual report 2006/2007 and safety report 2006
Fri 01 Jun 2007Franck: Fares increases: can Passenger Focus appeal?
Wed 30 May 2007ORR refuses to investigate complaint about excessive fares
Wed 09 May 2007Franck: South West Trains fares increases
Tue 08 May 2007South West Trains accused of exploitative abuse
Thu 26 Apr 2007Grounds for reference of rolling stock leasing
Mon 23 Apr 2007Plans for update of passenger Schedule 8 performance regime
Wed 04 Apr 2007Date for decision on rolling stock reference
Wed 04 Apr 2007ORR regulatory accounting guidelines
Fri 30 Mar 2007ORR business plan 2007/2008
Fri 23 Mar 2007EWS (and ORR) v E.ON UK [2007] EWHC 599 (Comm)
Mon 05 Mar 2007ORR update on implementation guidelines for enhancements
Wed 28 Feb 2007Formal start of review of Network Rail access charges
Fri 23 Feb 2007ORR leaves standard insurance cover limit unchanged
Tue 20 Feb 2007Proposals for ORR track access contract approval process
Thu 15 Feb 2007ORR decision on possession planning dispute
Thu 25 Jan 2007E.ON objects to ORR remedies on EWS coal carriage contracts
Fri 19 Jan 2007User survey for ORR website
Mon 15 Jan 2007Consultation on railway track access options
Mon 08 Jan 2007Consolidation of train operator compensation for possessions
Thu 04 Jan 2007ORR update on capacity allocation for new passenger services
Thu 21 Dec 2006First Capital Connect appeal to ORR (rewiring compensation)
Tue 19 Dec 2006Decision document on EWS abuse of a dominant position
Thu 14 Dec 2006Lords committee call for evidence on regulators
Tue 05 Dec 2006Proposed reservation charge for access to rail network
Tue 05 Dec 2006Proposed cap on rail freight access charges until 2014
Fri 01 Dec 2006Consultation on railway regulation plans
Fri 01 Dec 2006ORR procedure for approving railway closures
Wed 29 Nov 2006Procedures for directing railway enhancements
Wed 29 Nov 2006Draft findings from ORR rolling stock study
Fri 24 Nov 2006Proposed reduction in rail accident insurance requirements
Fri 17 Nov 2006EWS agrees to findings of abuse of dominant position
Wed 11 Oct 2006ORR's sustainable development and environment duties
Fri 29 Sep 2006Regulatory treatment of Network Rail risks and uncertainties
Fri 08 Sep 2006Good news for half-hourly GNER Leeds service
Wed 23 Aug 2006Procedures for seeking caps on Schedule 8 bonuses
Wed 02 Aug 2006Draft procedures for directing railway enhancements
Mon 31 Jul 2006Consultation on incentives in the GB railway industry
Thu 27 Jul 2006R (GNER) v ORR [2006] EWHC 1942 (Admin)
Wed 26 Jul 2006Capacity allocation on West Coast, MML and Cross Country
Wed 19 Jul 2006Regulatory accounting guidelines for Network Rail
Tue 11 Jul 2006Consultation responses (ORR): Third-party investments
Fri 07 Jul 2006Timetable for ORR's study on rolling stock leasing
Thu 06 Jul 2006Possible solution to Grand Central/GNER timetabling dispute
Wed 05 Jul 2006National Rail Trends 2005/2006
Fri 30 Jun 2006Regulation of land disposal by Network Rail
Wed 28 Jun 2006Renewed attack on rolling stock leasing companies (again)
Fri 23 Jun 2006Application of competition law to rail fares
Thu 08 Jun 2006Structure of railway access charges from 2009
Wed 07 Jun 2006ORR criticism of Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill
Wed 31 May 2006ORR annual report 2005/2006
Thu 27 Apr 2006ORR's economic enforcement policy and penalties statement
Wed 12 Apr 2006Confirmation of £250,000 fine on Network Rail
Fri 07 Apr 2006ORR's approach to reviewing markets
Thu 06 Apr 2006Grand Central and GNER ECML rights: DfT/ORR debate
Thu 06 Apr 2006Grounds for ORR decision on Grand Central and GNER
Wed 05 Apr 2006Condition 7: enforcement of operational performance
Wed 05 Apr 2006ORR health and safety enforcement policy statement
Mon 03 Apr 2006Plans for railway economic and safety regulation
Wed 29 Mar 2006GNER to seek remedy for unexpected competition
Fri 24 Mar 2006Guidelines for railway network enhancements
Fri 24 Mar 2006Guidance for railway licence applicants
Thu 23 Mar 2006ORR confirms access rights for Grand Central
Tue 21 Mar 2006Guidance on appeals to ORR under EC access regime
Wed 15 Mar 2006ECML capacity allocation hearing
Tue 14 Mar 2006ORR requires bottom-up calculation of performance targets
Tue 14 Mar 2006Renewed ORR complaint to EWS on coal haulage competition
Thu 02 Mar 2006No order for Network Rail to provide capability information
Thu 16 Feb 2006Further delay for East Coast Main Line access rights
Thu 16 Feb 2006Template contract terms for access to rail depots
Tue 07 Feb 2006Planning process for Network Rail price control review
Tue 31 Jan 2006Treatment of Network Rail underspends: ORR policy
Fri 27 Jan 2006Grand Central in line for ECML access rights
Thu 26 Jan 2006Department for Transport consultation on railway closures
Thu 26 Jan 2006Scottish Executive consultation on railway closures process
Wed 18 Jan 2006ORR conclusions on licence review
Fri 23 Dec 2005Draft Network Rail East Coast Main Line capacity study
Wed 21 Dec 2005Changes to the regulation of Network Rail land disposals
Wed 21 Dec 2005Conclusions on Schedule 8 performance regime
Wed 21 Dec 2005Separate Network Rail price control for Scotland
Mon 19 Dec 2005Financial arrangements for third-party network investments
Thu 15 Dec 2005Potential for efficiency improvement by Network Rail
Thu 15 Dec 2005Network Rail price control and financing
Thu 15 Dec 2005Consultation on ORR's corporate strategy
Fri 02 Dec 2005Future changes to Network Rail track access conditions
Wed 30 Nov 2005Initial guidance on appeals to ORR under EC access regime
Wed 30 Nov 2005Rejection of Silverlink challenge to delay minutes benchmark
Fri 25 Nov 2005Update on rail enhancements regime: third party investment
Fri 18 Nov 2005Allocation of rail regulation and safety monitoring costs
Thu 17 Nov 2005Consultation on ORR's enforcement and penalties policy
Thu 10 Nov 2005Consultation on procedures for access to the rail network
Mon 17 Oct 2005ORR conclusions on structure of costs and charges review
Thu 13 Oct 2005Review of Network Code Part J: Changes to access rights
Fri 07 Oct 2005Regulatory policy for railway network enhancements
Thu 06 Oct 2005OFT430 guideline: Railways
Fri 30 Sep 2005Reporters' reports on Network Rail 2005 annual return
Fri 30 Sep 2005National Rail Trends April to June 2005
Thu 29 Sep 2005Specification for Network Rail's planning statement
Thu 29 Sep 2005Review of Network Rail's performance 2004/2005
Fri 23 Sep 2005Further emerging conclusions on Schedule 8
Wed 31 Aug 2005Consultation on licence fees
Wed 31 Aug 2005New ORR competition law guidelines
Tue 30 Aug 2005Consultation on ORR's approach to reviewing rail markets
Tue 30 Aug 2005Guidance on third party liability insurance
Mon 22 Aug 2005Franck: ORR decision on testing of track lubricants
Fri 19 Aug 2005ORR proposes modest changes to railway licenses
Fri 19 Aug 2005ORR says no abuse in testing and approval of track lubricants
Thu 11 Aug 2005Review of Network Rail's revenue requirements 2009-2014
Thu 11 Aug 2005Consolidated version of track access conditions
Thu 11 Aug 2005No allocation of capacity on East Coast Main Line
Wed 20 Jul 2005Structure of railway costs and charges: emerging conclusions
Tue 05 Jul 2005Emerging conclusions on changes to track access conditions
Tue 21 Jun 2005Bill Emery to be ORR's Chief Executive
Fri 17 Jun 2005Long-term railway track access agreements
Thu 16 Jun 2005Regulatory Accounting Guidelines for Network Rail
Wed 15 Jun 2005Review of Schedule 8 performance regime: draft conclusions
Wed 15 Jun 2005Separation of Network Rail price controls
Fri 10 Jun 2005Network Rail network licence, 10 June 2005
Tue 07 Jun 2005ORR annual report 2004/2005
Tue 07 Jun 2005Network Rail Monitor
Tue 07 Jun 2005ORR comments on Network Rail business plan
Tue 07 Jun 2005Development of Network Rail's asset register
Tue 07 Jun 2005Treatment of Network Rail underspends: consultation
Wed 25 May 2005Signalling review update and project plan
Thu 05 May 2005Franck: Public services and competition law
Fri 29 Apr 2005ORR emerging conclusions on Schedule 8
Fri 29 Apr 2005Statutory consultation process for Network Rail licence changes
Thu 28 Apr 2005Strategy for developing a single rail industry data repository
Fri 22 Apr 2005ORR business plan 2005-2008
Fri 15 Apr 2005Review of the structure of railway station charges
Mon 11 Apr 2005Guide to model freight track access contract
Fri 08 Apr 2005Emerging views on railway "structure of costs and charges" review
Thu 24 Mar 2005Rail possessions review initial consultation
Thu 24 Mar 2005Draft competition law guidelines for British railways
Tue 15 Mar 2005Network Rail Monitor
Fri 11 Mar 2005Review of the schedule 8 performance regime
Wed 09 Mar 2005Proposed changes to Network Rail licence
Fri 25 Feb 2005Consultation on investment framework for railways
Thu 24 Feb 2005Grand Central's Section 17 application
Sat 12 Feb 2005Consultation on ORR corporate strategy
Mon 07 Feb 2005Review of Rail Safety and Standards Board
Wed 02 Feb 2005Consultation on long-term track access contracts
Mon 05 Jul 2004ORR decision on Suretrack complaint against LUL infracos
Mon 31 May 2004New ORR policy on moderation of competition
Fri 12 Dec 2003Network Rail access charges review 2003 conclusions
Thu 13 Feb 2003Smithers & Co report on cost of capital (2003)
Fri 30 Nov 2001ORR non-infringement decision on Virgin fares
Thu 10 Feb 2000Rolling stock leasing companies' codes of practice
Tue 05 May 1998ORR report on the rolling stock market
Sat 28 Feb 1998ORR's review of the rolling stock market

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