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Wed 08 Oct 2008NAO report on administrative burdens reduction
Tue 16 Sep 2008No compound pre-judgment interest on debts and damages
Wed 16 Jul 2008Ofgem opposes pro-renewables discrimination (CAP148)
Mon 31 Mar 2008Ofgem guidance on impact assessments 2008
Thu 20 Dec 2007Ofgem consultation on impact assessment methods
Wed 11 Jul 2007NAO review of regulatory impact assessments 2006/2007
Mon 30 Apr 2007OFT's claimed consumer savings from merger control
Mon 19 Feb 2007Consultation on OFT competition impact assessment guidance
Mon 11 Dec 2006DTI simplification plan
Mon 27 Nov 2006Revised OFT competition impact assessment guideline
Mon 18 Sep 2006Cabinet Office consultation on impact assessments
Wed 28 Jun 2006NAO review of regulatory impact assessments 2005/2006
Fri 16 Sep 2005Regulatory impact assessment on timing of digital switchover
Mon 08 Aug 2005DG Competition guide to competition screening (2005)
Thu 21 Jul 2005Ofcom's approach to impact assessment
Wed 15 Jun 2005European Commission impact assessment guidelines
Fri 10 Jun 2005Revised Ofgem guidance on impact assessments
Tue 31 May 2005Better Regulation Executive and Commission
Wed 16 Mar 2005Reducing administrative burdens: effective administration and enforcement
Mon 21 Feb 2005Less is More: Reducing Burdens, Improving Outcomes (BRTF)
Fri 04 Feb 2005Ofcom consultation on its approach to impact assessment
Wed 13 Feb 2002OFT guidelines for competition impact assessment (2002)

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