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The Water Industry Commission for Scotland is the regulator of the State-owned water and sewerage company Scottish Water.

The Commission chaired by Sir Ian Byatt (ex Ofwat) replaced the office of the Water Industry Commissioner on 1 July 2005. The former Commissioner, Alan Sutherland, is chief executive.

The Commission's website is at http://www.watercommission.co.uk/. It has major accessibility problems:

  • Some features, including news, are offered through Adobe Flash only. (But there seems to be a hidden RSS feed.)
  • The site was restructured on Thursday 28 February 2008, breaking all links, with no attempt at providing forwarding addresses for documents.
Wed 25 Jun 2008WICS annual report 2007/2008
Fri 20 Jun 2008Aquavitae goes under
Sat 31 May 2008Possible problems with water competition in Scotland
Fri 30 May 2008Principles of charging for Scottish Water
Mon 11 Feb 2008CMA Scotland consultation on providers of last resort
Thu 08 Nov 2007WICS cost and performance report 2006/2007
Thu 25 Oct 2007WICS investment report 2006/2007
Thu 18 Oct 2007WICS customer service report 2006/2007
Thu 26 Jul 2007Estimation of Scottish Water capital expenditure needs
Thu 28 Jun 2007WICS information papers on efficiency analysis
Thu 21 Jun 2007WICS procedure for considering access charges derogations
Wed 06 Jun 2007WICS annual report 2006/2007
Thu 31 May 2007Second WICS consultation on price control approach
Thu 24 May 2007WICS plans for review of Scottish Water's charges from 2010
Thu 17 May 2007Water retail services competition in Scotland
Thu 10 May 2007WICS consultation on Scottish Water financing
Fri 09 Mar 2007Consultation on Scottish Water's wholesale charges
Wed 20 Dec 2006WICS approach to the 2010-2014 price review
Tue 19 Dec 2006WICS confirms faster increases for trade effluent charges
Fri 17 Nov 2006Consultation on Scottish Water charging bases
Tue 14 Nov 2006Scottish Water's expenditure and efficiency 2003-2006
Wed 18 Oct 2006Scottish Water's capital expenditure 2003-2006
Fri 15 Sep 2006Scottish Water's OPA performance 2003-2006
Mon 26 Jun 2006Franck: Are Scottish Water's charges excessive?
Fri 23 Jun 2006Faster rises for trade effluent charges in Scotland
Wed 21 Jun 2006WICS annual report 2005/2006: regulatory costs doubled
Thu 08 Jun 2006WICS wants Scottish Water to be privatised
Tue 28 Feb 2006Ofwat's international review of water and sewerage services
Thu 23 Feb 2006WICS restates its approach to Scottish Water financing
Wed 30 Nov 2005WICS proposals for Scottish Water price control 2006-2010
Mon 12 Sep 2005Application process for Scottish Water retail licence
Wed 20 Jul 2005Review of Scottish Water's investment proposals
Mon 04 Jul 2005Application of the Ofwat capex cost base in Scotland
Thu 30 Jun 2005Draft determination of Scottish Water price controls
Fri 24 Jun 2005Appointments to Water Industry Commission for Scotland
Mon 16 May 2005Update on the strategic review of Scottish Water charges
Thu 28 Apr 2005Water retail competition in Scotland
Tue 22 Mar 2005International comparisons of water and sewerage services
Wed 19 Jan 2005WICS volume 6: summary of approach
Mon 20 Dec 2004WICS report and accounts 2002/2003 and 2003/2004
Mon 14 Jun 2004Regulatory changes for Scotland's water industry

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